Cidade De Deus – 10 Anos Depois – *

Posted: August 30, 2016 in 2013, Brasil, Documentary, X

Of course, fans of Cidade De Deus want to know what happened to the actors who performed in the instant classic from Brazil. And so this documentary does what the fans apparently want: go interview the stars of the movie ten years later. Some of them became succesful actors. Others didn’t. It’s okay to show the hardship and disillusion of those who didn’t make it. But somehow there’s too much focus on them and not on the ones that did succeed. This way, this documentary has a slight air of voyeurism and sensationalism, which doesn’t feel good. It’s like one of the characters says: there are people getting killed all over the world and these movie makers want to dwell on a movie that was made ten years ago. However, if you liked the movie, you’ll want to watch this nevertheless.

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