Pelé: Birth Of A Legend – *(*)

Posted: September 19, 2016 in 2016, Brasil, Children/Family, Drama, USA, X1/2

Even those who don’t know anything about soccer, have at least heard of Pelé, the Brazilian soccer phenomenon from back in late fifties and entire sixties. He became world famous during the World Championship in Sweden, anno 1958. Before winning that world cup, the rest of the world looked down upon the exotic ‘ginga’ style of the Brazilian players. But that all changed when Pelé showed how beautiful playing soccer good be.

Pelé: Birth Of A Legend is a nice biopic about the early years of the Brazilian hero. It’s interesting to learn where Pelé came from (a poor community) and how he was treated as such. But it’s all too nice. It’s clear that the story wants to stress how much discrimination there was (and is) in Brazil, but it kind of takes away the charm of a simple biopic.

Pelé himself produced the movie, so it’s pretty obvious that the end result isn’t too controversial or critical. And that’s fine. (He even has a cameo) But it could have been a much bigger critical and commercial success if someone else had been in control. And if it would have been made in Brazil, by Brazilians and in Portuguese. Now it feels like a low budget made for tv weekend movie with no authencity at all and with actors who just not seem to know how to charm an audience.

Kids may like it.


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