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This may well be the best movie of the year (so far).

Two classmates, who can’t stand each other, find themselves attracted to each other due to circumstances. They are both outcasts and loners and need to live with each other’s presence more than they want to. One is a spoiled kid whose military father is always gone and who’s general practitioner mother has an overly caring heart. The other is an adopted kid who lives with his farmer parents up in the mountains and travels every day about 3 hours to get to school and back. When during the harsh winter months, the mother of the farmer’s boy is hospitalized, the doctor invites him to stay at her place so he doesn’t have to make the journey to school and can focus on his studies. This creates even more tension between the two young adults.

The homo-eroticism is very present since the very first scenes, but it’s never really expressed. This creates a very peculiar atmosphere, which fascinates and thrills. In fact, as a viewer you assume the boys just like each other and are too afraid to admit it. But then the story continues and deals with all kinds of coming of age issues. The absence of a father, the insecurity of being loved by your adoptive parents, the desire to dream big, …

The setting of the story is brilliant and an important key to the movie’s dramatic success. The views of the French Pyrenees (in all kinds of weather conditions) take you away and suck you into this remarkable and unique story. If this would have taken place in Paris it would have been unbelievable and even boring. But somehow in the remote villages and valleys of this beautiful territory, this odd story just makes total sense.

Very impressed. By the acting as well. If Corentin Fila does not win the César for most promising actor than there’s something really wrong with the award show.

Somehow someone thought it was better to end Looking with a movie rather than with a third season. There were probably some financial reasons to stop this excellent series about three gay guys in San Francisco. The show kind of flopped despite rave reviews, which is sad. It wasn’t a flawless piece of television fiction, but at least it felt real with characters that you could actually relate to and storylines that were both fun and dramatic.

But now it’s over and based on the quality of this extra long episode, maybe that’s for the better. In this movie, Patrick returns back to San Francisco after having left the city to pursue new career possibilities in Denver (and to runaway from all the drama that he encountered in the Golden Gate city). His best friend Agustin is getting married and that’s the only reason why he’s revisiting. But for the makers of this special, the wedding is just a background theme, because it’s all about Patrick, Patrick and Patrick: the naive and immature drama queen de luxe. Will he make closure with Kevin? Will he reconnect with Richie? Or will he actually grow up?

We don’t want him to grow up. We want him to doubt. We want him to be a mess. But we also want to learn more about the other characters. Like Dom, who doesn’t even get 10 percent of the movie maker’s attention. What’s that all about?

Only watch it if you’ve seen the two seasons and if you are ready to be disappointed.



Wie Die Karnickel – **

Posted: October 7, 2016 in 2002, Comedy, Germany, LGBT themed, XX

Why would anyone want to watch a German sex comedy? Well, because a German sex comedy – unlike Hollywood sex comedies – actually joke about sex.

Is this a great movie? Of course it’s not award winningly great. But in accordance with the statement in the previous post: this was funny from start to finish, so yes it’s great if you have low expectations.

What is it about? Well, based on a comic by the guy who wrote nineties smash hit Der Bewegte Man (Maybe…, Maybe not) and deals with a contrabass player in an music ensemble who gets dumped by his girlfriend after she discovers that he watches porn movies at home. His gay neighbor (and old time school buddy) tries to make him think about relationships and sex like most gay men do. What follows is a series of lame, but embarrassingly funny scenes. The kind that will make you laugh knowing that nobody else is watching you having a good time. It’s really bad, but that’s perfectly okay. Some scenes are really hilarious.

Only available in German

Theeb – ***

Posted: October 7, 2016 in 2014, Adventure, Coming Of Age, Drama, Jordan, Road Trip, UK, XXX

It’s not really difficult to define what makes a movie great. When you watch a story on screen that entertains/fascinates/thrills you from start to finish, then it’s a great movie. Period.

Such is the case with this gem from Jordan.

A young bedouin follows his older brother, who is assigned to escort an English army officer through the dessert. At one point he finds him self alone in the vast emptiness…

This is a very entertaining road movie/adventure film/historical piece/coming of age story with a fascinating cinematography and several suspenseful thrills. It makes you want to watch Lawrence Of Arabia again or look up flight tickets to Aqaba to go tracking in the Wadi Rum.

A must. And if you have kids who can deal with death, an excellent movie for children as well.


Posted: October 1, 2016 in 1979, Comedy, Slapstick, USA, War

This is by far the worst Steven Spielberg movie ever. There’s a lot going on, yes, but at the same time there is nothing happening at all (that makes any sense).

It’s a comedy without jokes. Not even the slapstick scenes make you smile (and there’s an overdose of them). All actors seem to be on drugs. They blurt out lines that make no sense at all and they all run around like chickens without a head. It’s very racist as well. There’s a difference between calling out Nazi’s (as opposed to Germans) and calling out Japs (as in general: all Japanese). It’s like someone at Universal thought: we’ll give Spielberg so much money to waste on a comedy that he will never ask us for money again.

To avoid at all costs (unless you really want to see all of Spielberg’s movies).