Looking: The Movie – **

Posted: October 9, 2016 in 2016, Dramedy, LGBT themed, TV series, USA, XX

Somehow someone thought it was better to end Looking with a movie rather than with a third season. There were probably some financial reasons to stop this excellent series about three gay guys in San Francisco. The show kind of flopped despite rave reviews, which is sad. It wasn’t a flawless piece of television fiction, but at least it felt real with characters that you could actually relate to and storylines that were both fun and dramatic.

But now it’s over and based on the quality of this extra long episode, maybe that’s for the better. In this movie, Patrick returns back to San Francisco after having left the city to pursue new career possibilities in Denver (and to runaway from all the drama that he encountered in the Golden Gate city). His best friend Agustin is getting married and that’s the only reason why he’s revisiting. But for the makers of this special, the wedding is just a background theme, because it’s all about Patrick, Patrick and Patrick: the naive and immature drama queen de luxe. Will he make closure with Kevin? Will he reconnect with Richie? Or will he actually grow up?

We don’t want him to grow up. We want him to doubt. We want him to be a mess. But we also want to learn more about the other characters. Like Dom, who doesn’t even get 10 percent of the movie maker’s attention. What’s that all about?

Only watch it if you’ve seen the two seasons and if you are ready to be disappointed.




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