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Central Intelligence

Posted: November 1, 2016 in 2016, Action, Comedy, USA

A former CIA officer, accused of having killed his partner, is trying to stop an international terrorist organization and needs the help of his only friend, an accountant he hasn’t seen in twenty years.

Somehow, an action blockbuster comedy with Dwayne – The Rock – Johnson and Kevin Hart, sounds like a fun two hours of entertainment. But alas it’s not.

This is bad. No, it’s BAD. Wait, it’s BAD. Hell, it BAD

The trailer is kind of funny. So watch that instead.


In case you wonder why it’s bad.. it’s bad because it’s not funny, it’s predictable, the acting is terrible, the action is lame, the story doesn’t make sense and sucks. So yea,, there’s like NOTHING good about the movie about the one remark of Kevin Hart’s character being ‘a snack sized Denzel Washington’.