Atlanta – **(*)

Posted: January 11, 2017 in 2016, Comedy, TV series, USA, XX1/2

Winner of a Golden Globe for best comedy show on tv, Atlanta feels more like the kind of free internet series you can find on youtube. It’s low budget and nothing like any tv comedy you’ve ever seen before.

Main character Earn is a loser who’s living with the mother of his daughter. Because he still loves her and she still loves him and because of the child’s benefit. However, the main reason he still lives there is because he is broke. When the new rap track of his cousin Paper Boi becomes an overnight internet hype, he decides to become the manager. But that doesn’t lead to instant success.

As stated above, Atlanta is quite unique. It’s slow paced (too slow at times) and the jokes aren’t always presented on a plate. The humor is in the small moments. It’s almost like a parody, mocking thugs and gangster rappers and street violence, dope heads and crime lords. It trivializes it as well, which is confusing. The bigger picture is more dramatic. Some of the social commentary is done in a very clever way. It’s actually the strong point of the show. And the four main characters are a joy to watch.

But the slang and the references to urban culture are quite tough to understand for those living abroad and speaking a different language. Even with the closed captioning on.

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