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Posted: January 22, 2017 in 2016, Drama, Flanders, XX

Back from another disturbing movie at the cinema.

The viewing of controversial The Birth Of A Nation ended up being a great topic during a longer car ride today. Especially since watching the movie was followed by looking up more information about its theme and story and reading/listening to interviews of its makers.

Something similar may happen with Home, a movie that just evokes discussions. It’s (very) flawed, but it doesn’t leave you indifferent.

Home  follows the life of some messed up teenagers and their messed up parents who end up being confronted with messed up situations. That’s it really. There’s crime involved and there’s a thrilling element, but it’s just not exciting enough to make you sit at the edge of your seat. There’s a lot of drama, but it’s just not detailed and heart wrenching enough to make you care. It’s a very cold movie. It’s cynical. Nihilistic at times. This movie has absolutely no purpose. It shows characters that are so rotten inside that you cannot empathize with any of them. It really shows the worst of youth.

There are some merits though. The built up is good. The editing is interesting. It’s intriguing until the end, which is what an end should be: open. The soundtrack and filmscore are excellent! But the acting is very poor. It’s really bad. Some may give the unprofessional actors in Home some slack, but the absolute standard for unprofessional acting by older teenagers is Entre Les Murs, the excellent French movie from a few years ago about troubled kids. It doesn’t really help that the adult actors are also bad, apart from some cameo’s maybe.

It just show some dreadful kids who act dreadfully, because everyone else in their environment is dreadful.

Think of a (not so tasty) cocktail with ingredients of Gus Van Sant’s Elephant, with Larry Clark’s Kids and Michael Haneke’s Funny Games and Ulrich Seidl’s Paradies: Hoffnung.


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