Everybody Wants Some – **(*)

Posted: January 25, 2017 in 2016, Comedy, USA, XX1/2

This is such a cool, uplifting nostalgic college comedy!

It basically shows you the members of a college baseball team having fun in the weekend before the academic year starts. Some are freshmen, some have been in college for years.

And they all want some… (sex). But aren’t getting any (on screen).

Maybe that’s why this movie flopped. It doesn’t really have any sex scenes. And it doesn’t have any gross scenes in general. It doesn’t even have a big name celebrity actor in the cast.

But it has a cool soundtrack, it has a great ensemble cast and the references to the early eighties are excellent. Plus, the dialogue is incredibly well written.

Not all actors and not all characters are great. They also all look much older than they should. And it’s about a college in the USA, focusing on students who play baseball. That’s like saying: we do NOT want this movie to be released in Europe at all. Nobody experienced anything similar over here. It’s very american. But cool.

And it’s all about the main character, who’s a very positive, tolerant and confident dude who enjoys going to disco parties, western joints, punk concerts and an avant garde masked ball.

Maybe that’s another reason why the movie flopped. It’s about a nice guy who’s cool by just being normal. Some may find it boring. But it’s fun.



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