Café Society – *

Posted: February 1, 2017 in 2016, romcom, USA, X

Nerdy Jew goes to Hollywood in the hope his rich uncle will give him a job in the movie industry. There he meets his uncle’s hot secretary and falls in love. Unfortunately, the girl already has a boyfriend even though she loves spending time with her new ‘best friend’. When her boyfriend breaks up, he’s quick to use her vulnerability to score. All goes fine until the ex boyfriend divorces from his wife and tries to get back with the secretary. Yes, HIS secretary.

This very predictable romcom lacks romance nor comedy. It’s an incredibly boring story told by an uninspired storyteller and performed by actors who miss the talent of reciting funny dialogue and lack chemistry when put next to each other.

It’s the kind of movie that makes you understand why some people find Woody Allen (director) and Kirsten Stewart (the secretary) overrated. It’s the kind of movie that proofs again that Jesse Eisenberg (the nerdy jew) is a very boring and annoying actor to look at.

Oh, but the set design and recreation of thirties Hollywood en New York safe it from being a total waste of time.



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