Good Hair – **(*)

Posted: February 1, 2017 in 2009, Comedy, Documentary, USA, XX1/2

The hair industry for black women (and some men) in the United States is a multi million business. Black women spend thousands of dollars on their hair. All because they assume their natural hair is bad hair.

It’s a weird concept for a documentary. Especially when you’ve never before gave it any thought. Unless of course, you are black and live in the US.

The movie really talks only about this obsession of black people to have good hair and the money they spent on getting good hair. It doesn’t really talk about its social of psychological impact. It just talks about the craziness of the business.

The documentary is hilariously intriguing. It’s a non topic, really. But it’s brought in such a way that you can easily digest all that relatively useless information. It helps that Chris Rock is chosen to be the investigator. He’s excellent. If he’d host a documentary series, you would watch all the episodes. He’s like Louis Theroux. He just lets people talk and only responds by looking puzzled. His remarks are inoffensively sarcastic.

Now get this:

  • some black women spend 20.000 dollars a year on their hair. even those who cannot afford it.
  • there’s a dangerous chemical ingredient called sodium hydroxide that a large majority of black people put in their hair to ‘straighten’ it as if it’s the most normal thing to do, even when it burns their skull
  • some Indians ritually offer their long hair to a temple out of faith and for free. but that hair later is sold an resold for thousands of dollars so women in the US can wear weaves… !
  • some Indian hair collectors just cut it from women in movie theaters while they are being concentrated on the love scene on screen !!! its only a ‘little crime’ as explained in the documentary
  • men who date black women can tell a lot about their hair on the first date. If it’s not natural than it means she won’t go swimming with you, she’ll need a LOT of money to maintain it, she won’t let you touch it during sex, …. one of the funnier scenes is when Chris Rock asks the guys in the barber shop whether sex with white women is better just because they are less concerned about their hair…

Again, the focus of the documentary is on the business. And it’s entertaining. Throughout the movie Chris Rock follows contestants of a silly hair show in Atlanta. It’s okay, but it’s not taken seriously (which it shouldn’t). It would be a much more serious documentary if they would focus more on already mentioned social and psychological issues like black women honestly believing that an afro hairdo will lower their chances on the job market. (very confronting scene which isn’t really examined up closer). Or why some women spend more money on their hair than on healthy food or education for their children…

But a serious documentary wouldn’t be as much fun.

Luckily it’s 2017 and natural hair is back!!!!


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