Chocolate City

Posted: February 20, 2017 in 2015, Drama, USA

Another 99 cent rental.

Worth 49 cent probably.

A student decides to start stripping at a club to help pay his mother’s bills and treat his girlfriend a bit better. He lies about it (says he works with children), but then of course they find out. That’s it. It doesn’t even create drama.

This is really bad.

You can expect a low budget pulp movie about male strippers to have no descent script. You can expect bad editing. You can expect bad music. You can even expect bad acting. You can expect all these things and still want to watch the movie, because the only reason to do so is the strip acts.

But they suck! A movie about male strippers that has male models act all weird on stage and do nothing more than just pump and grind like amateurs while dozens of non-excited women reluctantly throw dollar bills at them.

They should have thrown 50 cent coins at them to perform better.

Time to watch Showgirls again and appreciate it a bit more.





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