Silence – *(*)

Posted: February 26, 2017 in 2016, Drama, USA, X1/2
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No wonder this new Martin Scorsese movie flopped. Who would want to recommend this ‘spiritual adventure’? It’s tedious. It’s overlong. It’s caricatural. Andrew Garfield is on-screen for 2,5 hours. The Japanese speak Japanese, but they communicate in bad English to two characters who speak fluent English even though historically they have no knowledge of the English language at all.

It’s about two Portuguese Jesuits who consider it their mission to look for the last remaining catholic priest in Japan. Anno 1640 that is. Rumor has it that he denounced his faith and that there is no-one left to give hope to the christian Japanese who are being persecuted.

The most interesting dialogue is at the end though when one of the Jesuits meets the leader of the inquisition after being imprisoned and being tested. It’s a thought-provoking discussion, which resonates in today’s times as well.

For a discussion about faith and how to enforce it on others or persecute it by others, it’s better to just write it down in an essay. You won’t reach the same audience, but at least you won’t bore the one’s who don’t really care.


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