Miranda – **(*)

Posted: December 22, 2017 in 2009, Comedy, TV series, UK, XX1/2

Why are BBC series always so short? Season one has only six episodes. By the time you get to know the characters and start liking them for their particular jokes and one-liners (typical for BBC comedies), it’s over. The introducing pilot isn’t so funny. but by episode six you just don’t want it to stop.

Miranda is one of the most clumsy tv characters ever. She’s quite adorable really. A tall, not so feminine, daft, scary, unhip, awkward woman with an interest in singing eighties songs (a +) and who hasn’t really grown up yet! The way she addresses the audience (you) into her life is great. It works really well. And the fact she often fantasizes and imagines stuff that aren’t really happening but are shown anyway, works well too. Yep. Great comedy.

The side characters are okay too. But they are clearly overshadowed by Miranda Hart excellent comedic performance.


No trailer available. But all episodes are on youtube. Episode 4 is excellent. However, you do need to see the first three episodes to get to know the characters.


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