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The Florida Project – ***

Posted: January 31, 2018 in 2017, Dramedy, USA, XXX

Movie afternoon with mom.

Her choice: The Florida Project (beating The Post, Wonder, The Greatest Showman, …), because ‘it doesn’t always have to be about rich Americans’ (her words).

We both loved it.

The setting is great. The run down motel and souvenir shop area near Disney World in Orlando.

The filming is great. The colors! The picture like framework!  The camera just following these characters do their thing.

The acting is refreshing. The director just let his cast walk around and say things and then edited the best parts into a movie. It really looks like all scenes were shot in one take.

But the best of all: the story telling. Nothing is being told. Everything is just shown. You have to just interpret. No explanation. Just scenes and they all make sense. The dialogue doesn’t feel scripted. A lot of story elements are suggested with visuals. Excellent!

Yes, my mom didn’t always get it, asking quite often ‘why is he/she doing that?’, but when talking about it afterwards in the car, she did always find the reason why herself. There are quite a lot of references to American pop culture that get lost if you’ve never been to the place before.

This is people watching supreme! And it’s a good lesson for movie makers like the Dardenne Brothers or Ken Loach: it IS possible to add humor and color to a story about the lesser off in our society. In fact, it makes the movie and the understanding for their misery BETTER.



The Night Of 24 October 2014: a business student isn’t getting a ride from his best friend to get to a party in Manhattan and decides to ‘loan’ the cab of his father. He doesn’t know how to switch off the ‘available sign’ and a girl gets in the car, expecting to get a ride. It’s a pretty girl and although he’s eager to go to the party, he decides to spend the evening with the girl. The unusual date ends up in her apartment with drugs and sex. But when he wakes up a few hours later, he finds her dead in her bed, stabbed 22 times. In panic, he decides to run, taking away evidence of drugs and the blood covered knife….

The pilot of this 8 episode series is an absolute masterpiece of story and character introduction. It’s so fascinating, you cannot but binge watch the rest. The pilot shows you exactly what the prosecutors will use against the suspect. Every single step is shown. In details. The only part that is a mystery is the time between the start of the sex and waking up finding the girl dead. The suspect can’t remember any details of that time frame and the viewers won’t know what happened either.

The other episodes are fascinating as well. The student gets arrested, goes to prison, needs to adapt to life behind bars while awaiting his trial. The prosecutors and detectives think they have a solid case, but still have doubts. The defendant’s lawyers try to do their own research and also have their doubts. The family of the student experiences the backlash to what their son’s actions… And it’s all filmed in a very detailed way, showing parts of an investigation that hardly ever get shown.

There are too many subplots and moments that don’t really help the main story line. Some are added for pure fun. The debate at the coroners for instance. Some are just annoying. The lawyer’s continuing search for remedies against his eczema outbursts for instance. Some don’t feel realistic. The drug smuggling scenes in prison.

But in general, this script is very strong and there are plenty more scenes that make you feel you’re living the nightmare yourself. Whether you empathize with the student, his parents, the detective, the prosecutor, the lawyers or the inmates… There’s a lot of empathy for these characters here and that alone is a great feat. Well written and well acted. Feature length movies can’t beat tv series when it comes to that.


The most hyped movie of the year is a disappointment. It’s a fun ride, but it’s not that all that spectacular. It’s like a rollercoaster that doesn’t really give you the thrills you want. Even though it has its highs and its lows. A rollercoaster ride needs to speed up all the time. When it slows down, it’s to gain power and energy to go up again. That’s not the case here.

The lows:

  • “Kind of Based On True Shit”. Okay, cool tag line. But it’s very basic shit. The story has been told a zillion times before. Small criminals decide to mingle with the big league and things go wrong.
  • The Typography. That movie poster title looks really bad. And it comes back in the movie.
  • The visual references to video games. We get it, they love playing video games, but to make certain scenes in the movie look like part of a video game doesn’t work.
  • The Narration by the main character. Annoying. The North African Antwerp accent is terrible, but it’s especially the monotonous tone in which the story is told.
  • Matteo Simoni. Great actor. Totally miscast.
  • The use of street slang that nobody has ever heard before. It’s going to be a challenge for those countries that dub movies and for those that need subtitles.


  • The Dutch actors. Werner Kolf and Ali B. Both remarkable as rivaling gang leaders.
  • The end credits. When you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand.
  • The reverse ‘how drugs got to the drug user’ scene. Could have lasted longer, but good. In fact, the visual experience is entertaining.
  • Some of the one liners and dialogue. Again, especially by the Dutch.
  • The soundtrack. From the EBM to the Dutch pop rap to the Moroccan club track and the instrumental score… it works.
  • Antwerp! This city needs to be in more movies. Maybe in the next James Bond movie. Who knows.
  • The two lawyers. They just have a cameo, but they should get a tv series.

It’s the kind of movie you watch on a cheap long distance bus ride in India, South Africa or Brazil. This is really a BAD action comedy. But shot in a really cool way. Too much trying to be Tarantino and not quite getting to the next level shit.

Even though the movie has a lot of flaws, especially in its storytelling, you do keep watching until the end. The acting is great. And the direction is good. But it’s the road trip itself that fascinates the most. You hardly ever see movies that take place in rural Brazil. It’s always Rio or Sao Paulo. Or Recife. Or Salvador. But this time around, most scenes are shot outside of the cities.

The story focuses on the search of a father (an excellent Wagner Moura) for his son, who left the house after an argument with both parents and is missing. He apparently bought a horse and took it up north. Along the way, the father – a wealthy doctor – is confronted with himself, the feelings for his family members and the state in which other – less privileged – Brazilians live.

Bacalaureat – **

Posted: January 27, 2018 in 2016, Drama, Rumania, XX

Part of the Filmfan series at the local cultural center: a Rumanian movie about a hard-working father who’s willing to go corrupt in order to get his daughter the grades she needs to get into an English college.

The father is a surgeon. His wife a librarian. Back in the early nineties they decided to build a future in Rumania and help the country get back on tracks after being ruled by Nicolae Ceausescu. Times were hopeful. But two decades later, the country still hasn’t reached the same level as its fellow countries in the European Union. All they want for their daughter is a better life. Preferably in pre-Brexit England!

Several things go wrong though. The daughter is assaulted a day before an important exam and breaks her arm. She’s dating an uneducated nozem, who doesn’t want her to leave. The doctor has an affair with a younger woman, who might be pregnant from him.   And they live in Rumania, where – according to the storyteller’s view –  honesty is a virtue and corruption is a necessary need.

It’s an intriguing movie. The story doesn’t really lead to any specific catharsis.  You’re just observing and at the end you shrug your shoulders. The story could have been set anywhere though. Okay, maybe not in Luxemburg or Switzerland. But still. Even in those affluent countries, honesty is tested on a regular basis and making bad choices is inherent to all human beings.

It’s well-directed, it’s well acted, but in the end it’s just a good movie. Nothing exceptional.

Philadelphia – **(*)

Posted: January 27, 2018 in 1993, Courtroom, Drama, LGBT themed, USA, XX1/2

Philadelphia was groundbreaking back in 1993. Tom Hanks playing a homosexual with Aids! Of course he won an Oscar. But the real star of the movie was/is Denzel Washington, who never got the credit he deserved for his role as the initially homophobic counsellor who decides to represent Hank’s character against the company that first sabotaged and then fired him once word got out about his disease.

It’s interesting how a movie feels exactly the same 25 years after you’ve last seen it! Tom Hanks is okay. But Denzel is phenomenal! The direction is good, but simple. Those close-ups though, they still work, attracting the viewer to the characters. The opera scene is way too long and you don’t really get to learn much about AIDS or the patients who suffer from it.  It’s a court room drama and the victim happens to have AIDS. That’s it really. The ‘gay’ aspect is just trivial.

It’s a good movie. Worth watching in 2018. Apart from the IBM computers looking very outdated, it feels like it could have been made last year. Which is great. For the viewers. Which is not so great. For those who still get discriminated for being gay or being hiv positive.



Dream Boat – (*)

Posted: January 27, 2018 in 1/2, 2017, Documentary, Germany, LGBT themed

Every year, the Brussels gay event La Demence organizes a cruise on the Mediterranean for their party clubbers clientele. It’s an international affair with guys form all over the world cruising during a cruise.

This documentary was shot on that cruise, but there is no mention of La Demence at all. Which is a good thing. It’s not really making the viewer want to book a cabin for next year’s journey.

This is a terrible documentary.

It sounds interesting though. A cruise full of muscle queens enjoying a themed party every night. All kinds of question arise: what does the crew think about this gay exclusive cruise? How do these clubbers get their drugs on board? How busy are the dark rooms? How many men actually go off the ship during the day and visit the ports of call? What’s been done to encourage safe sex? Where are all these guests coming from ?

Yet, the director seems to only focus on the last question. He’s following a camp Indian guy, a confused Polish stud, a confident Palestinian guy, a disabled Frenchman, an hiv positive German sucker… some of the most boring gay characters ever to have made it onto a screen. Their stories may be of interest in another kind of documentary, but if you make a documentary on a party cruise, make it a party cruise documentary!

Les Grands Esprits – **(*)

Posted: January 23, 2018 in 2017, Drama, France, XX1/2

Francois, a French and Latin teacher at a renowned Parisian high school, takes up the challenge to go teach at a school in Paris’ suburbs, where the lesser privileged attend class… reluctantly.

He takes up the challenge reluctantly. And the kids attend class reluctantly.

It’s been done before. Sure. But it works again. It’s much lighter than Entre Les Murs, the absolute excellent Golden Palm winner of 2008 which also focused on the struggles of a teacher in a similar school. And it’s normal that a comparison with that neo-classic is made. But this is feel good comedy. It’s a lot more accessible. Less raw. But they did look for real kids from a real school to play the characters and didn’t opt for child actors to play a part unfamiliar to them.

Because of its lighter character, it’s an easy film to digest. The school trip to Versailles is a highlight in the story. Which says a lot. It’s not that critical about the educational system. It’s not digging too deep into the backgrounds of these kids (and their lack of interest in getting ahead in life). No. Don’t expect another Entre Les Murs. Expect a simple movie about a teacher trying to do good and kids trying to do good too.

Loev – *

Posted: January 21, 2018 in 2015, Drama, India, LGBT themed, X


It’s a bit bizarre to watch a movie where a rape scene is considered an act of love. Especially in these #metoo times… The scene happens in the final act of the movie. The victim clearly says ‘no’ and is clearly not able to physically stop the abuse. Yet, somehow he’s okay with it all and acts like it was nothing. Moreover, throughout the entire movie the abuser is represented as a descent, honest bloke and the victim acts like a whimsical diva, both luring his abuser into romance and pushing him back.

It’s a story about a three gay men in Mumbai. Sahil (a musician) and Alex (an actor) are in a relationship, but clearly have their issues. The other, Jai, is a mutual friend and a successful businessman who’s in town for a couple of days. Sahil has planned a surprise trip for Jai and Alex is fine with them heading off together. However, Jai is open and honest about his feelings for Sahil and it’s clear that Sahil loves Jai as well….

Loev is very slow. Until the actual rape scene, nothing really happens. Sahil and Jai drive for hours and talk about all kinds of things. When they arrive at their destination the everyday conversations and situations continue, but nothing exciting happens. Every time a scene seems to turn into something intriguing, it’s cut short. And the rape scene isn’t even a turning point in the story. So it’s pretty redundant.

The movie gets a lot of positive buzz. Probably because it’s an Indian movie. And the characters aren’t one-dimensional (true). It’s definitely not a commercial Hollywood movie. But if you want to see a really good movie about an ‘exotic’ gay love triangle than watch the excellent Wound.

This is one entertaining movie! Great script. Great dialogues. Great acting. Some surprises. Awesome shots. Brilliant balance between drama and humor. Funny social commentary. Intriguing characters. And an excellent end. Any best picture award is well-deserved!

The trailer isn’t that representative of the movie though. It’s not that funny. And it’s not that kind of detective story. It’s just a look at how an angry woman deals with the inability of a police force to find the rapist and murderer of her daughter.

Go see it!