The Florida Project – ***

Posted: January 31, 2018 in 2017, Dramedy, USA, XXX

Movie afternoon with mom.

Her choice: The Florida Project (beating The Post, Wonder, The Greatest Showman, …), because ‘it doesn’t always have to be about rich Americans’ (her words).

We both loved it.

The setting is great. The run down motel and souvenir shop area near Disney World in Orlando.

The filming is great. The colors! The picture like framework!  The camera just following these characters do their thing.

The acting is refreshing. The director just let his cast walk around and say things and then edited the best parts into a movie. It really looks like all scenes were shot in one take.

But the best of all: the story telling. Nothing is being told. Everything is just shown. You have to just interpret. No explanation. Just scenes and they all make sense. The dialogue doesn’t feel scripted. A lot of story elements are suggested with visuals. Excellent!

Yes, my mom didn’t always get it, asking quite often ‘why is he/she doing that?’, but when talking about it afterwards in the car, she did always find the reason why herself. There are quite a lot of references to American pop culture that get lost if you’ve never been to the place before.

This is people watching supreme! And it’s a good lesson for movie makers like the Dardenne Brothers or Ken Loach: it IS possible to add humor and color to a story about the lesser off in our society. In fact, it makes the movie and the understanding for their misery BETTER.



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