Black Panther – ***

Posted: February 22, 2018 in 2018, Action, Fantasy, USA, XXX

There hasn’t been any bad review for Black Panther in the US. It’s such a politically, socially and culturally sensitive release… it’s a bit frightening really. It’s so hyped in the media, it’s scary. What if you don’t like the movie? Are you allowed to even express it?

In Europe, it’s less of a big deal. It was released a week earlier. People went to see it. Fans of Marvel Comic movies especially. Nobody else really cares. Arthouse movies critics hate it. Because, to be fair, it’s not an arthouse movie. No matter how revolutionary it is to have a black director make a black superhero movie that’s successful at the box office.

I loved it though. It’s a fun movie. It’s entertaining. It’s colorful. The costumes are amazing. The soundtrack really works well. The main lead is excellent. In every single outfit! The women are fierce. (Lupita Nyong’o ! Danai Gurira ! Letitia Wright!) There’s non stop action. Some drama. Family drama even. Some humor. It’s unique. Especially if you haven’t seen any other Captain America / Avengers / Thor movies. Bring on the sequel!

There are flaws though. That W’Kabi character (Daniel Kaluuya) is pretty one-dimensional. The war rhinoceroses are ridiculous. And what is it with Hollywood when they create fictional countries? When they create a fictional ‘European’ country, they mix elements from the entire continent. Same here. Wakanda is supposed to be a small country hidden from the outside world with 5 tribes, which get introduced in the beginning. The mix just doesn’t make sense. It’s like Hollywood has no idea that Ethiopia and Benin and Namibia are different nations and different cultures. (no Himba tribe is introduced in the beginning, but then suddenly there’s a Himba woman next to the Queen!!) It’s like Hollywood thinks sub Saharan Africa is one country.

Still. Great entertainment!


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