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The Incredibles – **

Posted: June 25, 2018 in 2004, Animation, USA, XX

Quite the Pixar hit 14 years ago, The Incredibles finally has a sequel in the theaters. But was the original really that good?


It’s action packed. It has fun humor. The animation is top notch. Yet, something is missing. The soundtrack suits a Mission Impossible / James Bond movie more, but is distracting. The characters are a bit one dimensional. There’s little emotional drama. Coco or Inside Out it isn’t.

Let’s see what the sequel brings…

Wonder – ***

Posted: June 25, 2018 in 2017, Children/Family, USA, XXX

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in this positive children’s movie about a kid with a facial deformity who starts school amongst ‘regular’ kids for the first time. Yes, it’s a big sugar coated and yes, it has a happy ending. And yes, the message of ‘acceptance for those who are different’ could have been an alternative title. But it’s nevertheless a very good movie. The acting is good, the story build up is good, there’s a good balance between drama and humor, the references to Star Wars (both negative and positive) are fun and interestingly enough: it’s not just about the kid with the facial deformity. That’s a real relief. It also focuses on the other kids in the story, especially the older sister, who loves her brother to death, but who often feels ignored by her parents.

Great movie. Somehow it flopped in Europe. Weird. It’s a must see for kids (and their parents).


Posted: June 23, 2018 in 2018, Horror, USA


Unless you like creepy neo-horror movies in which nothing happens that scares a normal person.

This movie makes no sense at all. The acting is terrible. The atmosphere is as dead as the people who die in it. Sometimes it’s there, to be gone a second later.

Reviewers who rate this great got paid. A lot of money. No lover of movies can call this crap good.


Why did I even bother ?

This is utter crap. Nothing works. The acting is terrible. The dinosaurs are boring. The story is silly. The action only happens in the last quarter or so, but by then, your attention span is long gone.

Part three seems to have a good premise though, so maybe we’ll give that one another chance. But this sequel is redundant.

Classic: Life Of Brian – ***

Posted: June 19, 2018 in 1979, Comedy, Parody, UK, XXX


Sometimes you need a good Monty Python. This is still funny. Not all of it. (the mute and stutterer scene a.o.) But a classic nevertheless. And Michael Palin is a revelation.

Watch it (again)

Overboard – **

Posted: June 2, 2018 in 2018, Comedy, romcom, USA, XX

As far as bilingual (Spanish-English) American comedies go, this one is pretty okay. It’s a remake from a 30 year old movie (which I remember having seen in the movie theaters – yes, I’m getting old) with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. But this time around they swapped the gender roles.

A rich man gets amnesia and a poor woman he used to be mean to, decides to pretend he’s her husband. Of course the rich man starts liking his poor new life, until the truth is revealed.

Yes, it’s a stilly, unrealistic story. Yes, it’s predictable. Yes, the acting isn’t so good. But it’s a great 90 minutes of mindless fun. It’s like Snatched. These comedies get roasted for being all of the above. But you know, sometimes, silly can be fun. And it’s okay to like silly.  And Eugenio Derbez’s performance really isn’t that bad at all. He saves the movie from being a disaster.

Avengers: Infinity War – **

Posted: June 2, 2018 in 2018, Action, Fantasy, USA, XX

Yes, it’s entertaining. It’s action packed and there’s some humor in it. It doesn’t bore at all, even though it’s a long movie. But somehow, I’m not digging these marvel comic heroes. The X-Men franchise is much cooler. And nothing beats the Star Wars universe. But these Avengers: No. I’m not even sure if the movie would be that much more entertaining and funny if I had seen all of the other MCU movies. Probably not. I’m not in a hurry to catch up. Although I might just want to watch Dr Strange. He seems like a cool character. But none of these other heroes have any personality. It may be fun for fans to see all these superheroes have short cameos, but for others (me) this overload of cameos is confusing and unnecessary. And the visit to Wakanda is definitely not good. Chadwick Boseman looks like he’s bored to death in the 5 minutes you see his face as Black Panther. Which can be said by all of these big names, pretty much having only 5 minutes of screen time.

Josh Brolin though, the ‘bad guy’ from Deadpool 2, is the bad guy in this movie as well. What a year he’s having! He’s actually pretty good and steals the show. He’s actually the one you root for the most.