Downsizing – *

Posted: August 15, 2018 in 2017, Drama, Science Fiction, USA, X

What a disappointment!

It starts off great though. The world is overpopulated and Norwegian scientists have discovered a way of shrinking people. Several people are attracted to the idea of living as ‘miniature’ people. Some do it because of their concerns about the environment. But most do it because you can afford much more luxury in the small world. Somehow, a dollar in this new world is worth the same as in the real world.

Paul can’t afford a big house in the real world and decides to ‘downsize’ with his wife. The set up is great, the process of moving from the big world to the small world is nicely detailed. But minutes after Paul has started the medical treatment to become small, his wife backs out and so he ends up alone in this miniature world. The start of a new journey in his life.

And the start of a very boring second and third part.

The movie really starts off well, but once in the miniature world the story becomes a mess. It’s sad. The intriguing thing is this relationship between people in the big world and people in the small world, but that’s all gone. In stead we learn about how life in this alternative world isn’t so much different from life in the original world (duh). A few new, unappealing characters make their entrance. One is a larger than life neighbour. The other is a one-legged housekeeper from Vietnam, who somehow is the only survivor of mini refugees, arriving in the US.  In the third part, all of these characters move to the original miniland in Norway, which has turned into some hippie cult community. It’s silly.

No. Another Matt Damon movie from 2017 that just doesn’t work.

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