Classic: Boyz N The Hood – **(*)

Posted: September 11, 2018 in 1991, Drama, Social Drama, USA, XX1/2

John Singleton’s groundbreaking debut movie is on netflix. It’s a neo-classic because of its cultural impact and historic importance, but it’s not a cinematographic masterpiece. There are a few original scenes, like the one in which the main character tells his dad a lie about having lost his virginity. But overall, it’s all very basic. The acting is remarkable, and was the start of many current successful actors’ careers. Ice Cube delivers the best performance. Lawrence Fishburne is great as well. Same for Angela Bassett. Morris Chestnut and Cuba Gooding Jr showcase their talent, but aren’t always on point. They are all intriguing to watch and the story is captivating as well, even though nothing much happens. The movie just shows how life is in a south central residential town where decent people try to deal with the dangers of their neighborhood, being drug addiction, violence and crime. A remake would be more violent, full of sex and superficial conversations. This one gives food for thought. Just too bad that nothing much has changed since 1991. The movie’s story could easily have been told today.

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