Sheila Levine Is Dead And Living In New York – *(*)

Posted: September 15, 2018 in 1975, Dramedy, USA, X1/2

Back in 1975, Roy Scheider had a blockbuster hit with Jaws. But that year he also performed in an indie movie that bombed at the box office and got incredibly bad reviews. I always wanted to see this movie as a kid (being a fan of Roy Scheider), but it was such an obscure title that it was never shown on tv. Nor did I ever see it in a rental store. But now, anno 2018, it’s available on itunes!

It’s actually not all that bad. It’s a great trip back to the early seventies, when everyone smoked everywhere. At work, at parties, inside the living rooms. The movie is darkly lit and the soundtrack has only a few tracks that keep being repeated over and over again. It does feel more like a stage play than an actual movie as it’s set in only a few locations and the dialogue is important. It’s about a girl that comes from out-of-town to find a future in the big city. She ends up sharing an apartment with a messy wannabe actress, who encourages her to go party instead of cleaning up. At the party she meets a doctor from a nearby hospital who manages to get her into his bed. Bam. She’s in love! But he just sees it as a one night stand. Bam. Her heart is broken! Moreover, a few days later he’s going on a date with her crazy roommate (what are the odds!) and she needs to confront him again. But she grows stronger out of the experience!

It’s a silly movie. It’s about a girl discovering herself in the big city. It’s like Girls (never seen that show though) or Sex And The City, but then 4,5 decades ago. Jeannie Berlin is quite good as the quirky main character. Roy Scheider is just okay. Being a romantic lead has never been his thing.

there’s no trailer as such, but a clip on youtube:

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