Les Gouts Et Les Couleurs – *(*)

Posted: December 17, 2018 in 2018, Comedy, France, LGBT themed, X1/2

A Jewish girl has been in lesbian relationship for about 3 years, but hasn’t come out yet to her conservative parents, who already have to deal with a homosexual son and his non-Jewish boyfriend. The chef of the local restaurant that she loves to go eat at with her colleague invites her to a Senegalese party where she’s having a blast, away from her lesbian partner and her conservative parents. But then the inevitable happens: she falls for the chef, a black muslim. Now what?

As far as French comedies are concerned this is quite a funny take on the multicultural and pluralistic society we live in. However, it’s tackling too many issues at once and in the end doesn’t tackle any of them at all. The movie isn’t politically correct (which is great), but it’s also quite superficial and focuses a lot on stereotypical behavior.

Sure, the dilemma of the main character (marrying her lesbian partner or starting an affair with a black muslim) is confusing, but you can always say it’s a french movie. This is not Hollywood. If you’re easily offended about the representation of jewish people, muslims, blacks, lesbians, gays, racists, anti-Semites, then skip this one.


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