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Posted: December 19, 2018 in 2018, Action, China, USA

Crap movie #2

Scientists have discovered that underneath the ‘bottom’ of the deepest sea, there is another world. A submarine is able to ‘penetrate’ into this new world, only to be attacked by a monster. There is only one person that can rescue them: Jason Statham. However, in doing so, an opening is created between this new underwater world and the oceans as we know them. Et voila: the monster escapes and is now terrorizing first the scientists and later a beach resort.

This. Movie. Is. Terrible.

When it comes to shark movies, there’s only one really good one. The original Jaws, the best movie of all times. That movie is so clever and flawless and has stood the test of time as well. Many other shark movies have followed and some were actually quite pleasant. But this one is just crap. There is NO horror at all. There are NO thrills at all. There’s hardly any action. And the visual effects are lame. Plus, the humor is childish. Like the four mentions of ‘penetrating’ the new world, followed by giggling of an international cast.

When Jaws came out, a movie was a blockbuster when it made money at the US market. Nowadays, a movie is only a blockbuster when it makes money globally. It’s a trend which has been going on for several years now. An action movie, made with a big budget, needs to not only please North American and European audiences, but it also needs to be a hit in China especially, and in Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, Brasil, etc… Globalism is great. But when it comes to cinema, it’s not. Production companies just make superficial fare to please as many markets as possible. Jaws was so American, yet so universal. This movie is so… nothing.

It makes me want to watch the three Sharknado sequels and appreciate them even more


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