Black Mirror Season 1,2,3,4 & two specials

Posted: December 30, 2018 in Drama, Science Fiction, UK, USA

This is one weird series of single episodes about ventures into the world of the not so distant future with its scary technological changes. Some episodes are excellent, others are crap. Some episode makes you feel uncomfortable and lead to debates with friends. Others are so far-fetched that it’s difficult to get into the story.

As it goes: here’s the list ranked from best to worst. And the new episode is at the bottom.

A nerdy game developer that started up a successful company with his former best friend, is now being bullied at the office. However, at home he dives into his own creation of a Star Trek like game in which virtual reality versions of his colleagues are now under his command. USS Callister *** (S4/1) is a riot.

In Hang The DJ *** (S4/4) couples are matched by a system. People are forced to go on dates that are chosen for them. Two first time daters kinda like each other but the system only gives them 24 hours on the first date. Can they beat the system? Really clever episode. 

Arkangel *** (S4/2) is directed by Jodie Foster. A mother is so obsessed about losing her child that she has an implant put into her that is linked to some kind of tablet on which she can check the location of where her kid is and also see what she is experiencing. Once the child becomes a teenager, she lets go of the control system until she re-discovers the app several years later when she’s worried about her daughter’s behavior.

Nosedive *** (S3/1) makes for uncomfortable viewing, because you see a beginning trend around you all the time. People seem to only do thing for the amount of likes they get on Instagram or the amount of followers they have on twitter. But what if that amount dictates your life and what if you get discriminated when the amount goes down? How far will you go to get more likes? Scary shit.

 A rather reserved girl meets an extrovert woman in a club at the beach resort town San Junipero. Maybe this can be her first romantic and sexual experience? Unfortunately at the strike of midnight, life stops and can only be taken back a week later. Most of the episode takes place in 1987 and has the coolest music and outfits you can think of. But then the twist happens and it’s over. San Junipero **(*) (S3/4) starts of great, but finishes soft.

The Entire History Of You **(*) (S1/3) is the strongest episode of season 1. But it’s a BBC series, so season 1 only has three episodes. It’s a scary episode that makes you feel very uncomfortable. The idea of having a chip implant that records everything you see and do as some advanced camera diary is terrible! frightening! Well done episode.

A series of people die after they have been bullied on social media with the hashtag #deathto. A team of investigators quickly find out how they got killed. They were attacked by artificial bees, mini-drones. But who’s behind it all? Hated In The Nation **(*) (S3/6) is a great episode with a good twist near the end.

A neuro-scientist has opened a museum along a desolate highway focussing on his breakthrough achievements. A young girl stops to visit and learns about three particular cases, of which something is at display. They are bizarre and scary. There’s a lot of talk in this episode, but there’s room for some humor as well.  Black Museum **(*) (S4/6) is worth the watch.

Soldiers get an implant that makes them see the enemy as cockroaches. A new recruit discovers that his implant is a lie. It’s a scary theory. It makes you think about how we see others. Directed by a Flemish movie maker and quite a thrill, but not as unique as other episodes. Men Against Fire: ** (S3/5)

A young woman has a terrible time mourning over the death of her boyfriend. Until someone mentions a certain application that can recreate the deceased person digitally based on whatever the person has posted online. Be Right Back ** isn’t one of the best episodes, but captivates until the end.

In The National Anthem ** (S1/1) a prime minister is forced to have sex with a pig in front of a tv audience in order to save the life of a kidnapped royal. It’s freaky. You constantly wonder how far you would go? It’s explained why the prime minister actually considers doing it, but still, it’s a non dilemma. Weird first episode.

In Playtest ** (S3/2) a careless world traveller likes the idea of playing a new kind of videogame where you emerge into a phantasy world by yet another kind of implant. It’s classic horror. It’s scary and feels really weird. It’s too far-fetched to be uncomfortable though.

A successful woman is confronted with her past when her ex boyfriend is ready to reveal a secret. This has to be stopped and murder is an option. At the same time an investigator for an insurance company uses a special technique to record the last memories of a witness. Both will meet. And when they do it gets scary. But before they meet, it’s kind of boring. Crocodile ** (S4/3) isn’t so exciting.

In Shut Up And Dance *(*) (S3/3) an anonymous source has hacked the computer of a teenager. They filmed him jerking off. Then threaten to expose the video if he doesn’t do what they tell him to do. Along the way he encounters others that have been filmed by that network. It’s well acted and has some surprises, but ends really predictable.

A comedian doing the voice of an obnoxious cartoon in a late night tv show, starts questioning the point of it all when his producers want him to start a show on his own. Or better run for elections. It’s a good idea, but The Waldo Moment *(*) (S2/3) is too short to make a real impact.

The White Christmas * (special) is a mindfuck. It’s a series of stories that all lead to a predictable end. The whole episodes feels like a collage of previous black mirror stories. People can see through other people’s eyes, ‘cookies’ (copies) are taken out of people and placed in an alternate world, etc.. yawn.

A woman wakes up with amnesia and needs to escape certain hunters while everyone is just taking pictures of the whole event. White Bear * focuses on public shaming and the obsession of people to record everything. It’s short. Luckily.

15 Million Merits * (S1/2) is a bore. It’s very futuristic and depressing. It’s frightening to see that this could be a future we are heading to. It’s a world filled with reality tv shows and it’s disgusting.

In Metalhead (no stars) (S4/5) a woman is being hunted by some robot dog that guarded items that were stolen. It’s a mess. It’s boring.

A game developer creates a game based on a book with alternate stories. However, while creating the game, he feels like someone else is controlling his actions. In the new Bandersnatch (no stars) (special) the viewer needs to select how the story will evolve. It’s a unique concept, but it’s annoying. Watching tv with a remote control and having to do all the work? No thanks. They make you go back and revise your choice anyways. So much for being in control.


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