The Devil Wears Prada – **

Posted: January 9, 2019 in 2006, Comedy, USA, XX

While switching tv channels, this came on. The opening scene is quite a fun mix of all kinds of women dressing up for an interview and Anna Hathaway not caring too much. The job interview is for a Vogue-like fashion magazine though. Run by Meryl Streep. She’s in need of an extra assistant as her main assistant already has too much work. That assistant is performed by a Emily Blunt, who almost looks unrecognizable, but immediately attracts all the attention. And before you know it, you’re into this story of a journalist wannabe accepting an assistant job in the hope it will one day be a good thing on her resumé. It’s a well made, well acted and entertaining comedy for the masses. Male or female. It’s a bit like Bohemian Rhapsody this year. It’s very superficial and simple, but it doesn’t annoy one bit.

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