Night School – (*)

Posted: January 21, 2019 in 1/2, 2018, Comedy, USA

Flight movie #2

Kevin Hart is a high school dropout who’s been quite successful managing a bbq store without a degree. But now that he’s found a fine woman to marry, he wants a better job and needs to pass a few tests. He attends night school classes in the same building he was attending high school at. And his bully from back in his teenage years is now the principal of the school. There’s all kinds of weirdo’s in his class and his teacher isn’t the one to mess with.

This is one dumb movie. It’s about high school dropouts with jokes only high school dropouts will find funny. It could have been nice. That Tiffany Haddish can be really funny. But she’s not really all that much in the movie. This is a Kevin Hart joint. And Kevin Hart sucks. He makes you want to appreciate Adam Sandler.

How on earth can this guy be one of the most successful comedians of our current times? Saw this on a plane and really everyone around me was watching this movie…. didn’t hear anyone laugh though….

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