Toy Story 4 – **(*)

Posted: July 2, 2019 in 2019, Animation, USA, XX1/2

Finally time for a visit to the theatre and, hm, the only interesting picture showing was Toy Story 4. 

But hey, the first three were great fun.

This fourth installment however, just doesn’t have the same wow effect.

All the toys we know from the past now belong to a new kid called Bonnie, who’s not all that interested in Woody. Shit happens. She’s more interested in other toys. And her favorite one is a kind of toy she created during initiation day at school: a spork with self made arms and glued-on smile and eyes and wooden sticks as legs. Fun! Forky thinks it’s trash and just wants to find the nearest waste bin. But Woody tries to tell him that – at this moment – he (?) is the most important toy for Bonnie!

But then Forky goes missing and Woody is looking for him (?) and ends up in one adventure after the other, encountering all kinds of new toys from scary dolls in an antique store to strange looking stuffed animals at a fair attraction.

It’s a fun movie. But it’s made for kids. There are not that many jokes or references that appeal to adults. Nor does the story conjure up emotions for grown ups. It’s never boring. It’s quite action packed. And there are plenty of laughs. (don’t leave the theatre during the end credits!) But 10 minutes outside again and you’ve kind of forgotten about it already.

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