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Dolomite Is My Name – **(*)

Posted: October 27, 2019 in 2019, Comedy, USA, XX1/2

Eddie Murphy is great as Rudy Ray Moore, a middle aged artist who hasn’t found the key to success yet until he decides to steal jokes from foul mouthed street bums and create his own character called Dolomite. Suddenly people come see his shows and fans buy his comedy albums on vinyl. When he goes to see a Jack Lemmon movie with his friends, he’s inspired to bring his comedy to the big screen. He has plenty of creative ideas. He just doesn’t have the money and the crew.

The set up may not sound too exciting, but this movie doesn’t bore a bit. It’s set in the early seventies and the outfits are A.MA.ZING. Oscar for best costumes please! It’s a story based on true events and it’s told in a very linear and classical way, but the set atmosphere works well. It’s about a movie maker who has no budget and no clue about movie making, yet this movie is very well made. A bit too good though. It may have been even more fun if the movie would feel as if it were made by amateurs and with a low budget.

The supporting cast is great too. Wesley Snipes in particular. And the soundtrack grooves along really well.

Now time to watch the original Dolomite movie, which was a surprise box office hit at the peak of the blaxploitation period.

기생충 (Parasite) – ***

Posted: October 24, 2019 in 2019, Comedy, South Korea, XXX

Ha! It takes a bit to get into the different kind of humor, but once you do, it’s fun!

A (‘poor’) family of four manages to find their way into a wealthy family of four working as their english teacher, art therapist, driver and housekeeper. But how long can they keep up this charade?

This movie is wining all kinds of awards, which is quite unique for a comedy. It’s a socially critical comedy. Maybe. If you want to interpret it that way. But it’s really just a crazy, original, absurd comedy with a lot of unexpected twists in the script.

Go see it.

Then go have a garden birthday party …




Too much product placement. (Is this show sponsored by Burger King and New Coke?)

Too many characters. (who again are siblings ?)

Too many references. (A corrupt mayor… Events leading up to the 4th of July… A chief with lines like “I can do anything I want, I’m the chief of police” … Jaws isn’t even eighties)

Too many repetitive scenes. (We get it. El can move things. El can locate people after being blindfolded.)

Contrary to other fans of the show, this guy here was disappointed in Season 3. Even got bored at certain moments. And the end doesn’t promise anything better for Season 4.

Oh well.

Still a great show though. Eighties forever!

As a Tarantino fan, I always wondered why I hated Kill Bill: Volume 1 so much and why I never bothered watching Kill Bill: Volume 2. 

15 years later it’s clear why: these are just pretentious, badly edited, poorly acted, faux-hommage action flicks with hardly any humor and – more surprisingly – hardly any cool fight scenes! At least those should have been wel choreographed, but no.

At least, I finished Volume 2 this time. Which is an achievement on its own.



Fighting With My Family – **

Posted: October 10, 2019 in 2019, Dramedy, UK, USA, XX

Quite an enjoyable 99 cent rental for on a long train journey. Nothing too heavy, nothing too serious. Nothing annoying.

It’s the story of the WWE wrestler Paige, who grew up in a wrestling family in Norwich, England and made it all the way to the top. It’s a fun British dramedy, like only the Brits can make them.

The acting is quite good, especially by the main actress (Florence Pugh) and her on screen mom (Lena Headey, Cersei from GoT). But also by Vince Vaughn as the coach. The jokes are funny. So, as a comedy it works. As a drama it only rarely does. Sure, it’s a great zero to hero story. It’s well told, classical and very predictable, but well told. But any scene of conflict feels extremely forced. Which is strange for a movie that is set in the conflict driven wrestling scene. The tale of a brother and sister sharing a same dream and only one achieving it, is quite compelling. But it’s shown in an non-compelling way. Which is sad.

Still. worth the watch.

Joker – ***

Posted: October 9, 2019 in 2019, Drama, USA, XXX

Fascinating. From start to finish. Even though they could have cut the end end.

Fascinating how the movie is a blockbuster, when it really is a dark arthouse tale. Fascinating how Joaquin Phoenix is his character. Fascinating how some scenes are shot from the most perfect original angles. Fascinating how daunting the soundtrack is. Fascinating how a quasi perfect movie still leaves you thinking: why is this not a perfect movie?

Still. Go see it.