Marriage Story – **(*)

Posted: December 8, 2019 in 2019, Drama, USA, XX1/2

Sometimes it takes friends to convince or trigger you to watch a particular movie that was not really on your radar. Such is the case for this Netflix Oscar contender about a young couple going through the (legal) proces of a divorce. The movie gets a lot of buzz and rightfully so. But is isn’t the instant classic lots of critics claim it to be. The quality of the scenes is just not consistently excellent. Some are extremely well written and acted. Some are just painfully bad. Adam Driver is surprisingly good. Scarlet Johansson is, as usual, great. And Laura Dern is excellent. They all should get a nomination. This is definitely an actor’s movie.

But in the end it pretty much feels very familiar to Kramer vs Kramer and is not all that original. It’s a good attempt by Hollywood to show some realism though with addressing the insane legal consequences of getting a divorce. But it still feels like a Hollywood movie. This would feel much more real if it was done in French, by a French director with French actors. Or Polish. Or Swedish. Or Korean. Or British even. That’s a biased opinion. True. But somehow this story craves for realism without spending money on a soundtrack or make up artists. Scarlet looks gorgeous in every single scene. They all look so polished. Even the few tears that are shed look calculated.

But hey, check it out. It’s not an all too serious drama. It’s not a tearjerker. Which is good.

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