My Movies

Ever since I’m a little boy, I wrote down all the movies I’ve seen. There must be over a thousand so far, but I kind of lost track as I haven’t merged the paper note books from the early 80s, with the printed pages from the late 80s – early 90s, and the excel sheets from the late 90s and early nillies. I stopped writing down the movies I had seen for a while, especially in the period where I actually made a living writing about movies for some home entertainment magazines. My love affair with the cinema got a major blow during that period. I felt over saturated. No movie seems to excite me anymore, apart from some exceptions. But now there’s this word press blog. It’s not intended to be a serious movie critic blog. It’s just a personal blog and it helps me write in English. So just enjoy. There’s a lot of movies on here that don’t get a wide release in the US if they ever get one at all.

Just for your information: ** is good. **1/2 is better, but not quite great. *** is great. ***1/2 is almost perfect. **** is perfect

(*1/2 is enjoyable but not really that good. * is worth finishing the movie. 1/2 is worth watching parts of it)


  1. chai says:

    Would like to know more about you πŸ˜€ Your name , Life & Other things ….

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