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Available on the guests stateroom tv: End Of Watch, a cop movie focussing on two LAPD partners getting into all kinds of shit that they are not supposed to really get into.

Not sure why it got such great reviews. Sure, it’s intriguing and shows partners that are actually happy to be working together, but when the end credits roll you already forgot what the movie was all about. Training Day it wasn’t.

Much has to do with the portrayal of the main characters by Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pina. It somehow didn’t work for me. In most of the scenes there’s an atmosphere of goodheartedness, bravery and camaraderie. It’s quite refreshing to see LAPD cops chat, joke and talk like buddies without all the usual bickering. And Jake & Michael are great at doing so. But when the action gets rough – and it gets really rough – they fail to be believable. Sweetheart Michael starting a fight with a huge black drug lord? I-want-a-girlfriend-that-I-can-talk-to Jake intimidating a big bald-headed Latino drug lord? No. Just did NOT work.

There are some good moments though. The soundtrack is a blast (it has Josh Homme’s ‘Nobody To Love’ – one of my favorite rock tracks of the past year). The chase scene in the beginning is awesome, there is a really funny prank scene and some of the horrific moments make you want to look away. But the bad guys are so stereotypically portrayed and the ending is terrible!  I really don’t understand why Hollywood still doesn’t know when to fade to a black screen.

Oh, and what IS it about? Well, to be honest, it’s just about two partners being buddies.