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The Legend Of Tarzan – (*)

Posted: August 14, 2016 in 1/2, 2016, Adventure, USA

This is a bad movie. Period. It’s filled with cringeworthy scenes and many things don’t make sense at all. The historical background is incorrect, the digital animation is unrealistic (the liana swinging, the wildebeest attack, the gorilla’s), the acting is terrible (apart from Christopher Waltz who feels restrained in playing yet another badass) and the use of flashbacks doesn’t work in an adventure drama. Neither do the awkward comedy scenes by Samuel Jackson. But strangely enough, the movie is so laughable that his scenes make you laugh out loud with a reason.

It’s the kind of movie you have to see at the theaters though. At least there is some visual beauty. But rent the original Tarzan, The Ape Man again and have three times as much fun!


Game of Thrones becomes predictable and at times even boring.

Yet, it’s a fun watch.

Nothing more to say. If you’ve watched the first four season, you’ll watch this one as well. And the next one. And the final one.

In an attempt to escape the madness of this world, watching Columbian arthouse favorite El Abrazo De La Serpiente looked like the best possible solution. A botanical scientist is following a trail in the Columbian amazone to find a rare and powerful healing plant. He gets the help from an older shaman, who – decades before – escorted a German explorer along the same trail. The movie switches back and forth between the two journeys.

The synopsis is exciting, the trailer look promising, the recommendations and ratings on movie websites are a big draw… but in the end, it kind of disappoints. It starts off great. The first half of the movie is excellent. The jungle looks stunning (even in back & white) and the (non professional) performances of both the younger and the older indigenous healer are fascinating. But then the movie becomes a hotchpotch of all kinds of things that don’t make any sense. Sure it’s poetic and filled with symbolism, but it’s like the story grabs you tight for the first hour and then drops you in a mess, which you have to figure out yourself. That can be fine for some, but not if you’re in a mood to just escape the madness of this world.

Not sure how a Flemish actor like Jan Bijvoet got cast as a German doctor in a Columbian movie, but he’s actually pretty good.

Now this is a fun action packed blockbuster movie for the whole family!

The story is known: a human baby is raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves until a vicious tiger is after him.

The digitally created jungle world is fascinating! The acting of young kid Neel Sethi is quite entertaining and the references to the famous and beloved animated Disney classic are great.

A Walk In The Wood – *(*)

Posted: March 12, 2016 in 2015, Adventure, Comedy, USA, X1/2

Aging travel writer Bill Bryson (Robert Redford) decides to walk the Appalachian Trail. His wife (Emma Thompson) doesn’t like to see him go alone, so he sends around messages to his friends for possible travel partners. No-one is interested to join, apart from this one guy who Bryson used to hang with during his backpacking days in Europe. The man (Nick Nolte) looks like a bum when they meet and definitely not fit enough to go on a hiking journey. Yet for some reason off they go! They meet all kinds of people along the way and get into all kinds of adventures, which may have been a blast to the characters when it actually happened, but which are pretty boring to watch from you couch.

The movie isn’t half as bad as what reviewers make you believe. Yes, it’s not great cinema, but it’s also not all that bad. It’s one of those ‘the book was better’ movies.


Bahubali: The Beginning -*(*)

Posted: February 12, 2016 in 2015, Adventure, Drama, India, War, X1/2

A nice thing about travelling with companies like Qatar Airways is that they have Bollywood movies! Sure, you can rent them online (iTunes), buy an illegal copy in a Pakistani run night shop or drive to the nearest Bollywood cinema (there aren’t many in ’The West’), but somehow it’s a must to watch one on a plane flying East.

Bahubali is an epic production about an (imaginary) kingdom, which has been run by a tyrant for many years and whose rightful heir to the throne grew up as an orphan in a far away land unaware of his royal blood. The kid (rescued from a river down a majestic waterfall) grows up to be a strong and adventurous man who is keen on climbing the waterfall rock and discover the land above. Of course he manages to do so (guided by a stunning female spirit) and when he is there he joins a rebel group trying to rescue the captivated queen (the boy’s real mother). But just when you think the end credits will roll, another story is told as a flashback, which takes almost as long as the first tale. It is supposed to help you understand why the boy was taken away, but it only confuses more.

It’s all very corny, but it’s fun. It’s filled with clichés (hero wears a moustache of course, strong female character succumbs for the macho man of course), but there are some surprises. Some special effects are great (the battle scenes could come from the Lord Of The Ring-trilogy), others are ridiculous (the hero making it to the top of the waterfall). There is little singing and dancing (in case you find this a turn off), and the romance isn’t all that dramatic.


The Revenant – ***(*)

Posted: January 31, 2016 in 2015, Action, Adventure, USA, Western, XXX1/2

Finally! A movie that fascinates from beginning to end! With great acting, a great photography and a great soundtrack. A movie so cool, you wish it lasted even longer. It’s a slow action adventure western that doesn’t bore one single moment. Better make that a northern, because it takes places somewhere up north in the Rockies.

Sometimes movies, directors and actors win awards because they deserve them. Let it win 12 Oscars! Or at least 8, including best actor (DiCaprio), best supporting actor (Tom Hardy – who is just as good if not better), best director (Iñárittu) and best cinematography (Lubezski). Come to think of it, no, George Miller can win best director. Or a tie!

Just go see it!