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There should be a new MPAA rating that says: Only For Kids!

The set up is cool though. The story tells the adventure of several apartment pets who venture out away from their comfort zone in the quest for a missing dog and his new companion. Most of the scenes are inspired by funny animal clips on youtube. And some of them are funny. One character in particular is hilarious: Gidget. And Kevin Hart forcing a revengeful bunny is also quite unique. But the story itself just doesn’t make a lot of sense. There are a lot of other animation movies out there they give a better feel of satisfaction.

Sausage Party – **

Posted: May 8, 2017 in 2016, Animation, Comedy, Parody, USA, XX

Sausage Party would have been an excellent animated short. But animated shorts don’t make any profit and movie making is all about making profit. So Sausage Party became a feature animated movie that has some really clever and funny moments, but has even more redundant scenes. The set up is great though. The products in a supermarket assume that the humans who purchase them are Gods and will take them to the heavenly Great Beyond. Until, of course, some products discover the truth…

That set up is brilliant. The mockery of mass religion is daring and brave. The references to some of our current human situations are legio and often well thought of. However, for every high brow social comment joke there’s an ordinary platitude or sexual insinuation. In fact, there are more of the latter. Some are clever and funny too. There are just too many of them.

The main characters are a hot dog sausage (voided by Seth Rogen – perfect for the job) and a bun (voiced by Kirstin Wiig), who dream of ending up at the same human’s house so they can finally meet and be together. A sausage dreaming of being squeezed into a bun. A bun dreaming of having a sausage inside of her! It’s funny in the trailer and it’s funny the first 10 minutes of the movie. It’s just not funny anymore after half an hour, nor after an hour, nor after an hour and a half. By the time the Taco (voiced by Salma Hayek) wants to join in on the fun between the hotdog and the bun, it’s really not cool anymore. The makers decided to use all the stereotypical prejudiced voices and character types for its characters. The bagel is Jewish (Ed Norton sounding like Woody Allen), the Salsa is Mexican, etc…

It’s a very American animated movie. A lot of products are not known under the same name in Europe. So that kind of is annoying. And some characters in the movie are not edible at all. The Vaginal Douche is in there just for the gross jokes. And the Toilet Paper as well. But it would have been much more ‘realistic’ if the characters would just be food.

Anyways. It makes you laugh most of the time. So watch it. It’s only 99 cent as a rental on iTunes.

The Red Turtle – **(*)

Posted: February 10, 2017 in 2016, Animation, Belgium, Drama, Japan, XX1/2

Wouldn’t it be cool is this movie won the Oscar for best animation movie? Everyone expected Finding Dory to be a contender, but this artsy, non commercial French/Belgian/Japanese co-production took the place of the animation blockbuster of the year.

Finding Dory it is NOT. It’s a beautiful animated tale of a man who strands on a deserted island, can’t leave because a giant turtle keeps breaking the rafts he builds. Until that turtle comes ashore and he takes his revenge. But the revenge changes his life on the island.

You don’t need to know more. Don’t watch the trailer either.

It looks like a moving European (Franco-Belge) comic book. The drawings are exceptional. The use of color and light and shadows and details is astonishing. The movement itself isn’t as stiff as you’d imagine from a hand-drawn animation movie. It’s actually quite smooth. It’s not annoying at all. But the story isn’t all that much.A lot of things happen to keep the movie going, but it’s not as poetic or deep as you might expect.

It’s looking at incredibly well animated shots of life on a deserted island with sunsets that you’ll never forget. And without the end credits it’s only 75 minutes long.

A fox, who lives as rascal because that’s what society wants him to be, and a rabbit, who became the first rabbit police officer in the fictional town of Zootropolis because that’s what she always wanted to be, team up to find out why 14 predators have mysteriously disappeared.

Yep, a detective buddy cop movie Disney style !

But it’s fun. And it’s really a cool movie for adults as well. In fact, it makes you wonder if kids actually get this movie. They will probably laugh with the sloths working in an administrative position, but do they get the Godfather references? Of course it’s a bit weird to create a society where predators suddenly live happily together with what used to be their prey, but hey, that’s what The Lion King was all about as well.

Get your inner child out to watch this movie and have a great time.

Finding Dory – **

Posted: July 30, 2016 in 2016, Animation, USA, XX


This sequel disappoints.

The story is boring and clearly aimed at children, much unlike other Pixar movies that please both the young ánd the old. Dory isn’t an interesting character enough to carry an entire movie. The positively crazy fish – suffering from short term memory loss – is quite funny in Finding Nemo, but in this sequel she conjures hardly any laughs. Luckily there are plenty other animals that do make you giggle and smile. Becky, for instance, a crazy loon (aquatic bird) or the sea lions (voiced by Idris Elba and Dominic West from The Wire) and Hank, the grumpy octopus. Yeah, they all pretty much save this movie from being a flop.

To appreciate Jon Favreau’s live action remake even more, it’s necessary to re-watch the original sixties Disney animation classic.

Some elements are better in the new version. The story makes more sense for instance. And the action and the jungle look more real of course. Other elements aren’t. The size of the orangutan is just annoyingly huge in the new version and it’s not really clear why some animals talk and others can’t.

The animation classic still entertains. After almost 50 years. The songs are still great. The humor is still efficient. And the animation, though old, doesn’t look old-dated. An absolute must.

Inside Out – ***

Posted: September 18, 2015 in 2015, Animation, Comedy, USA, XXX

A young and happy 11y old girl moves from Minnesota to San Francisco and has trouble adjusting to the change. The story however is told from the perspective of five of her dominant feelings: joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. That’s pretty clever, original and risqué! But it works.

Humans – even the youngest of the species – have a lot more feelings than the five mentioned above. But for cinematic purposes, focussing on these five is excellent. Kudos’ to the scriptwriters who manage to explain difficult matter to a very wide audience. I’m sure children psychologists all over the world will now be using dolls representing the five ‘feeling’ characters of this movie. The movie also explains the working of the brain in an original way. Memories are stored in glass balls, some of which become core memories that create ‘islands’ of important interest and others become obsolete and get disposed off after a while. It really makes a lot of sense.

Of all the senses Joy is the most predominant feeling. She’s voiced by the excellent Amy Poehler and is an incredibly annoying bossy character. She can’t stand Sadness (a purple droopy goth girl) becoming more important. She hates Sadness to the point that she actually bullies her. The other feelings just play second fiddle and that’s exactly how Joy (she could be a candidate for the Republican party) treats them. Luckily, the script writers add enough proof that Joy really isn’t the most important feeling at all.

The movie is very unique and very clever. It also has a lot of humorous references that only adults will understand, a trademark of the Pixar movies. But this time around the company tried too much to please the little children as well by adding all kinds of elements that kill the excellent atmosphere. And they made Joy an unintentionally unenjoyable character.

However. This is a great movie though. And it has the funniest 5 seconds of any animation movie. Ever. (near the end)