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Casa De Flores : Season 1 – **

Posted: November 14, 2019 in 2018, Comedy, Mexico, Parody, XX

During a birthday party of wealthy florist Ernesto, his mistress Roberta hangs herself in his shop. She’s soon found by Ernesto’s children, his wife and the maid. Chaos erupts. What about the party? Even the press is invited. And they need to shoot a family portrait!

That’s how this show starts. And then it continues. At a fast pace. As a soap. A telenovella. But Pedro Almodovar style. Very colorful and very camp. With lots of different kind of romantic liaisons. Ernesto’s wife Virginia, wasn’t aware of the cheating. But she’s no saint either. They have three children. Paulina is the oldest daughter. She’s a single mom, whose ex-partner had a sex operation and moved to Madrid. Elena is the other daughter, who’s living in New York and about to get married to – the horror!- an African American. Julian is the son. He has a girlfriend ánd a boyfriend, the financial advisor of the family, Diego. Ernesto’s mistress Roberta has two kids. An older son called Claudio, who’s now in charge of the cabaret with drag queens that his mother left behind, and a younger daughter, Micaela. The suicide has a lot of consequences, one of them having Ernesto arrested for fraud and leaving the posh family in financial trouble.

This Mexican parody is very absurd. It is set up like a regular telenovella, but the typical storylines – normally stretched over 300 days – are cramped into 13 short episodes. The romances and relationships are non-conformist. An older female neighbor is falling for a younger male stripper for instance. But that is just a side story. The weirdest moment is when the son of Paulina discovers a porn video of his uncle in a threesome with the financial advisor and some other guy. He’s showing the video to the entire family. Even Ernesto sees the video in prison. Five minutes later, this feels like a very normal thing and life can just go on.

It’s guilty pleasure fun. Try it.

One season my just be enough though. Season 2 is online already, but….

Classic: Life Of Brian – ***

Posted: June 19, 2018 in 1979, Comedy, Parody, UK, XXX


Sometimes you need a good Monty Python. This is still funny. Not all of it. (the mute and stutterer scene a.o.) But a classic nevertheless. And Michael Palin is a revelation.

Watch it (again)

Sausage Party – **

Posted: May 8, 2017 in 2016, Animation, Comedy, Parody, USA, XX

Sausage Party would have been an excellent animated short. But animated shorts don’t make any profit and movie making is all about making profit. So Sausage Party became a feature animated movie that has some really clever and funny moments, but has even more redundant scenes. The set up is great though. The products in a supermarket assume that the humans who purchase them are Gods and will take them to the heavenly Great Beyond. Until, of course, some products discover the truth…

That set up is brilliant. The mockery of mass religion is daring and brave. The references to some of our current human situations are legio and often well thought of. However, for every high brow social comment joke there’s an ordinary platitude or sexual insinuation. In fact, there are more of the latter. Some are clever and funny too. There are just too many of them.

The main characters are a hot dog sausage (voided by Seth Rogen – perfect for the job) and a bun (voiced by Kirstin Wiig), who dream of ending up at the same human’s house so they can finally meet and be together. A sausage dreaming of being squeezed into a bun. A bun dreaming of having a sausage inside of her! It’s funny in the trailer and it’s funny the first 10 minutes of the movie. It’s just not funny anymore after half an hour, nor after an hour, nor after an hour and a half. By the time the Taco (voiced by Salma Hayek) wants to join in on the fun between the hotdog and the bun, it’s really not cool anymore. The makers decided to use all the stereotypical prejudiced voices and character types for its characters. The bagel is Jewish (Ed Norton sounding like Woody Allen), the Salsa is Mexican, etc…

It’s a very American animated movie. A lot of products are not known under the same name in Europe. So that kind of is annoying. And some characters in the movie are not edible at all. The Vaginal Douche is in there just for the gross jokes. And the Toilet Paper as well. But it would have been much more ‘realistic’ if the characters would just be food.

Anyways. It makes you laugh most of the time. So watch it. It’s only 99 cent as a rental on iTunes.

This is one absurd movie.

It’s a parody. Or better: it’s supposed to be a parody. But it doesn’t always work.

It’s a mockumentary about a famous celebrity, who left the successful boy band he formed as a child to become an even more successful solo artist. Until his last album flops.

Strangely enough, this parody on celebrities trying to hard to be successful flopped as well.  The makers just tried too hard to be funny. It’s a bit too much. There is no subtlety at all. It’s like the makers wanted to exaggerate so that the audience would understand that it’s a parody.

If you can’t trust your audience to realize that it’s a parody, then you are making a movie for the wrong audience!

Yes, it’s cool to see celebrities taking a diss at their own celebrity status. But why does half of the entertainment world need to be represented in this parody? A few would have sufficed. Now there’s just an overload. NAS and ASAP Rocky and 50 Cent and Usher acting like they were fans of The Style Boyz (the fictitious boy band). Why so many? The joke is only funny once.

Watch it though. It does have some funny scenes. Like the ‘non gay’ equal rights song featuring Pink!  (see below)


Brooklyn Nine Nine – ***

Posted: December 2, 2015 in 2013, 2014, Comedy, Parody, TV series, USA, XXX

Brooklyn Nine Nine has all the ingredients of a great comical sitcom: it has quirky characters that you start caring for immediately, the jokes are funny and the one-liners to the point. That’s basically all you need to be entertained for 22 episodes.

The fact that it’s set in a police department doesn’t matter. The fact that the main character is the best detective in town doesn’t matter. The fact that he’s childish, arrogant, rebellious, honest and good-hearted does.

Jake Peralta is a goofy personage. True. But the biggest jokes and funny situations come from his colleagues and supervisors. It’s very similar to Parks and Recreation and that’s a disadvantage because it feels like a copy rather than an original series. However, it’s a great feat to feel like a copy and excel in it as well. Plus, the comical acting is quite remarkable.

Just dump Hitchock and Scully. Their presence is only sporadically funny.

Spy – *

Posted: September 18, 2015 in 2015, Action, Comedy, Parody, Spionage, USA, X

How can Spy make more than 100 million US dollars at the box office?

There are maybe five brief moments in the entire movie that produce a laugh. One of which is a battle scene between two women in a professional kitchen. That alone deserves a star.

It’s terrible as a parody because it tries to hard to be a real spy movie.

It’s terrible as spy movie because it tries to hard to be funny.

The Interview – *(*)

Posted: December 29, 2014 in 2014, Action, Comedy, Parody, USA, X1/2

No, it’s not a good movie.

But you know what? It’s not a really bad movie either.

It’s entertaining pulp which gets funnier towards the end, when it becomes a James Bond parody with silly sex, fight and chase scenes.The start is also quite good, with Eminem coming out of the closet, making sure that every viewer (who knows rapper Eminem and his homophobic lyrics) understands that this movie is NOT to be taken seriously. However, for an hour or so nothing really happens. No action, no humor, no drama. Nothing but stupid conversations about buttholes, rectums, asses, … and references to the Lord Of The Rings. Oh and lines like ‘hater gonna hate and ain’t-ers gonna ain’t’.

James Franco’s performance is really bad. He even sucks at overacting. Apart from the moment where he says ‘WHAT?’ after he learns he, as an interviewer, needs to kill the leader of North Korea. That was pretty cool. It lasts two seconds.

Seth Rogen’s performance is pretty much like all his other performances. The guy sticks to playing one character that never bores. Here he’s a producer of a showbiz talk show who wants to be taken seriously and takes on the request to have his presenter interview the worlds most hated leader.

Again, not really worth the watch. But it’s not as bad as they say.