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Posted: October 1, 2016 in 1979, Comedy, Slapstick, USA, War

This is by far the worst Steven Spielberg movie ever. There’s a lot going on, yes, but at the same time there is nothing happening at all (that makes any sense).

It’s a comedy without jokes. Not even the slapstick scenes make you smile (and there’s an overdose of them). All actors seem to be on drugs. They blurt out lines that make no sense at all and they all run around like chickens without a head. It’s very racist as well. There’s a difference between calling out Nazi’s (as opposed to Germans) and calling out Japs (as in general: all Japanese). It’s like someone at Universal thought: we’ll give Spielberg so much money to waste on a comedy that he will never ask us for money again.

To avoid at all costs (unless you really want to see all of Spielberg’s movies).


Step Brothers – *

Posted: January 19, 2016 in 2008, Comedy, Slapstick, USA, X

Hm. A lesson learned: one goofy movie with fart jokes is more than enough. Especially  when the second has twice as many.

After having laughed quite a lot with White Chicks, it looked like a good thing to watch Step Brothers as well. It may star the overrated Will Ferrell, but it also stars the underrated John C. Reilly. It’s directed by the guy who made the Oscar nominated economy class The Big Short and the synopsis is promising. Two late thirty somethings become step brothers when their respective mother and dad marry. Both still live with their parent and are now forced to live with each other.

It’s interesting to see that this comedy is higher rated on imdb than White Chicks. It’s also interesting to see that this comedy wasn’t nominated for a Razzie award and White Chicks was. It’s unfair to compare both movies, but when you watch them on the same evening, you do. And Step Brothers is definitely the worse comedy. Sure, there are some hilarious scenes, but unfortunately they are few. A lot of them are offensive and even more are gross. When the guys from Little Britain are offensive and gross it conjures up laughs. Here it just evokes disgust.

These two movies came in a 5 title movie pack (for 5 euro). It’ll take a while before the other three will be watched.

White Chicks – **

Posted: January 18, 2016 in 2004, Comedy, Cop Movie, Slapstick, USA, XX

“A guilty pleasure is something, such as a movie, a television program or a piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.”

There you go. A definition from Wikipedia. They should add ‘like the American buddy cop movie White Chicks’. 

It starts off really bad. Marlon and Shawn Wayans play FBI-agents who are in disguise (as very stereotypical latino shop owners) and take on the wrong suspects. It’s a terrible opening scene. It’s tough to sit through, because it only promises crap. But once they disguise as white chicks it gets better. I mean, there’s two black guys dressing up like ugly white girls and acting all stereotypical. It works.

Fuck the critics. Watch it. And laugh. And don’t analyze it too much. It’s just fun. And it has Marlon Wayans and Terry Crews. And Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter‘s Debra)! It doesn’t have to be drama or satire all the time. Damn, maybe I’m ready for Adam Sandler now.

Bought this South African buddy cop comedy for 25 rand (which is like 2 euro or so) in a small town in the Karoo. According to the lady in the video rental store – they still exist there – this was an absolute topper. She recommended three others, one of which was SO bad that I couldn’t watch more than half an hour (Babalas). This Blitzpatrollie is also really bad, but at least there are some funny moments and it’s so camp that it’s entertaining at times. It’s also interesting to watch this representation of modern-day South Africa, in which inhabitants of all colors and languages seem to co-live quite well. It’s great to see after you’ve experienced traveling through the country as well – that is if you actually talked to the people or read the funny ‘A Racist Guide To The People Of South Africa’. If you think South Africa has 50 percent black people and 50 percent white people who still don’t talk to each other and there’s a killing on the street every five minutes, than you’re fucked.

That said, the intrigue kind of disappears after an hour when you realize that this is just a copy of the Hollywood buddy cop movie. It must have been a very low-budget movie, with takes done only once. However, the special effects are more efficient than in movies like Sharknado even though there must have been less money to create them. For example: the main killer of the movie kills his victims by throwing a brick to their heads. One brick, one throw and they are dead. That’s ridiculous but funny, especially since it gets repeated a few times. But simple can be clever. The first time it happens you see the victim, you see a brick in the air, you hear a sound and they zoom in on the brick with blood. Compared to the detailed death scenes in Game Of Thrones this suggestive scene is as good.

The story isn’t all that special. Two losers at the police force intervene in a domestic violence scene and accidentally discover a drug den. Another police officer who is supposed to bring the drugs to the police station gets killed (yep, by a brick to his head) and the van disappears. More murders happen and you have several people looking for the drugs. It’s silly. It’s basically a series of sketches glued together with easy detachable spit.

There’s a negative review online which is spot on, but way too harsh. Especially since it accuses the producer for making a ‘touristic trinket’ that will entertain Europeans, who will consider it garbage, but enjoy it anyways because of its exotic appeal. The reviewer is ashamed of this movie and fears that viewers will laugh AT South Africa. Thát is silly.

Bad comedies are made all over the world. Humor is a very regional thing. Would I have liked this movie as a South African? Most likely not. Do I like it as a European movie lover? Not really. But the fact that it is not made in the US, the UK, Germany or France does make it more exotic and more intriguing. That’s not a bad thing at all. The movie won’t make anyone visit South Africa more than they already wanted to before. Nor will it make anyone think that this is the best South Africa can do. Europeans make silly movies all the time. They don’t get released abroad, because maybe they are not exotic enough. Americans make even more silly movies and they do get released. Compared to anything from Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler, this really wasn’t all that bad.

DVD 2 from  Warner Brothers’ 90th Anniversary box is The Cameraman, a joyful romantic silent movie with an excellent Buster Keaton as a clumsy photographer who’s trying to impress a charming girl that works at a news office. It’s a series of individual sketches and the whole love story is just a hook, but it works fabulously. There is not one boring moment. There are several excellent scenes. The acting is superb. Buster Keaton doesn’t smile once during the whole movie, but keeps you mesmerized for the entire 75 minutes.There isn’t any current comedian who could pull that off. His slapstick routine is subtle and his clumsiness feels very natural (unlike that of Rowan Atkinson’s similar but unfunny Mr Bean for instance). Marceline Day shines as the love interest and her character is quite modern. I mean, she works, she takes the initiative to go on a date, she risks her job give him a chance …

Just too bad that the piano & organ score is too present. They also function as sound effects, which bring smiles in the beginning, but annoy after a while. However, overall totally enjoyable.

In fact, the whole movie is on youtube: