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Three young adults learn at the age of 19 that they are triplets. They all were born on the same day, all look alike and were all adopted.

This happened in the early eighties and at the time, the triplets were popular guests on all kinds of talk shows, telling their story of finally being reunited.

But soon questions arose: why were they separated?

There are plenty stories of twins being separated at birth (check out the Dutch movie De Tweeling (Twin Sisters), but this one feels utterly unjust as it was all planned and part of a science project. A vile, unethical, but intriguing study, of which the results have never been published.

This documentary tries to unravel some of the mystery around this story. And does it really well. It’s a great example of how you can make a documentary, following the script rules of good cinema. The editing is really well done and the whole build up is great, with some surprises as well. And all that with just some interviews, some vintage footage and some re-enacted scenes.

Miles Ahead – *

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This is a tough one.

This is just so damn weird that you just can’t say it’s good or bad.

There’s a reason why the release of this movie was postponed so often. It’s just difficult to sell. It’s definitely not a biopic. It’s a kind of action movie in which Miles Davis teams up with a music journalist and runs around chasing a stolen tape, while taking lots of coke and waving a gun around like some wannabe gangster. This happens 5 years after he quit the music business and became a messed-up addict, being pushed by fans and producers to release new music. There are flashbacks to a time when he met his wife, married her and struggled with paranoia already. There’s a performance at the end. And that’s it.

Both McGregor and Cheadle are disappointing. Keith Stanfield looks like he can do great things later on.

Luckily, it’s a very short movie.


Just watched Live In One Day and had to think of the interview documentaries of 7 billion others. So, looked again at this one, which I personally think is great. What is it to be Belgian? Only in French and Dutch though. But I think everyone should see this documentary. Didn’t know it was online.

I like the fact that they really have all kinds of views edited together. Some feel more belgian than others. Others explain a little bit why it’s so difficult to feel belgian. I wasn’t interviewed however. That would take ten hours. 😉

This is really powerful! It’s very long. And people who don’t know our country will find it boring. But I think it’s a must.

Woke up this morning, checked my Facebook account and found a clip that a friend had posted. Thought of watching a funny one minute clip to start off the day with a smile, but it turned out to be a documentary of about 100 minutes! I kept watching though. It’s a pretty fascinating collection of movie clips filmed by people all over the world who had recorded their day: 24 July 2010.

The idea is great, even though it’s done before. The movie reminded me of the media experiment 7 Billion Others (, in which several people all over the world are interviewed about certain aspects of life. In that experiment it’s all about interviews. In this experiment it’s more about the visual recording of a day in the life of humans (and animals) in the year 2010. I guess people feel the need to see how other people around the world experience the same fears and hopes and trouble an joy, because there’s more documentaries like that getting released (remember Babies which followed four babies around the world from birth till the age of 1). But I guess people also feel the need to film themselves and broadcast it for everybody else to see and hear.

So the idea is great, but does it make a great movie? Hm. I couldn’t help being a bit critical and cynical while watching this experiment. It’s amazing what the director and the editors have achieved, by watching all the entries and then looking for some kind of structure to edit the clips together. They decided to tell the stories chronologically, starting with people waking up and brushing their teeth and so on. But unfortunately the movie stops somewhere in the early evening. I guess the candidates who filmed their day ran out of battery or memory by 6 pm. I didn’t necessarily have to see people put on their pyjama’s before getting into bed, but it would have helped the structure more if we would have seen where people go out to at night. What’s the nightlife in Kabul? In a Bolivian village? The experiment is called ‘life in one day’ not ‘life in 24 hours’, so it’s not that bad they end the day in the evening. What I’m trying to write though it the fact that this chronological structure somehow didn’t work for the entire movie. Especially since another structure was introduced after half an hour or so. The clips were arranged according to certain themes and questions like ‘what is in your pocket?’, ‘what do you love most?’, ‘what do you fear the most?’.

I also couldn’t help thinking the experiment was manipulated a bit. That’s me being cynical, I know. But maybe, just maybe, the makers were adding all kinds of clips and then decided to record some  more clips on their own to make sure it would be more balanced. Suddenly out of nowhere you see this adolescent give a call to his grand mother to out himself as being gay. Until then I really thought the movie clips were genuine because they really showed every day life things. Coming out to your grandmother isn’t a common thing on a normal day. It’s like the guy had nothing better to film that day and he decided to record himself making a phone call. What a narcissist poof. Of course I have no idea what the other footage was that he submitted. Later on an African kid says he fears homosexuality the most because it’s a disease and he’s afraid of diseases. That made me realize that the makers not only had to find a way to glue all these individual clips together, they also needed to discuss what clips would be added and omitted. I also thought it was very interesting that during the entire movie there is absolutely NO German (or French for that matter) spoken, but then they add footage of the big disaster during the Love Parade in Duisburg. If someone would have filmed himself watching this news, it would have made more sense. Or if they would have added a guy getting ready to go to the festival in the beginning of the movie as well. Now it was just put in the movie to show that disasters can happen on certain particular days.

So more than just watching the movie I was intrigued  by the making of. What’s with the rest of the footage? I think the makers should have ALL the clips available to watch individually. That would be cool. That Dutch woman in her hammock says two things. That she loves cleaning something really dirty because you see the result more. And that she fears other cultures because she doesn’t understand them. I’m watching her say these things and I think: is that all she filmed during that day? Who is this woman and why is she so boring? And why are there SO many Americans in this movie. It should be about people ALL over the world.

Spent the last hour looking for full clips of the people who appear in the movie, but it’s difficult. there’s an official YouTube site about this movie and you can select small clips to watch, but I just didn’t find the black kid who hates homosexuality so much or the dutch woman in her hammock.

Anyways, regardless of all that, I thought it was an interesting experiment to watch.

the ENTIRE movie:

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