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Earth – **1/2

Posted: December 23, 2013 in 2007, Documentary, Nature, UK, XX1/2

For those who have no time to watch the entire BBC Earth nature series, there’s also the feature documentary Earth which scored well at the box office all around the world.

It focuses on our fascinating planet and quickly takes you from the north pole to the south pole (and back) showing nature and animal life in all kinds of different environments.

It’s a great movie of course. It’s all filmed in HD and the scenes that were selected are jawdroppingly beautiful and at times funny as well. (the paradise bird mating preparation is a youtube classic)

It ends with a very finger-pointing message: stop destroying our planet and the creatures that live on it. My personal belief is that we’ve already fucked up a long time ago. They should have warned us during the industrial revolution back in the late 19th century. But they didn’t and now it’s too late. So for the time being: let’s enjoy what’s left and let’s enjoy dvd’s like these.

So why only **1/2? Just focus on the word ‘quickly’ in the second phrase. It’s really just a collection of beautifully shot scenes that are somehow edited together as a journey from north to south.

I prefer watching the tv series.