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This is amazing.

This series is outstanding. The acting is incredible. The balance between emotional drama and small humor is so perfect that it just hits the right chords.

Not since The Wire: Season 4 did a tv show get me so hard. Every single episode brought tears. It’s almost flawless. The child actors aren’t really performing as well as the adult counterparts. And the final episode is a little bit too PC. But those are just minor complaints.

The biggest problem for this show is that the bar is raised so incredibly high that more episodes can only disappoint.

No trailer, but a few great scenes.

This is the most powerful scene in recent tv history


This brother fight is brilliant:

This is strong too:


Captain Fantastic – ***

Posted: November 27, 2016 in 2016, Drama, Family Feud, Road Trip, USA, XXX

Somewhere in a forest in Oregon lives a dad with his six kids. He trains them to survive on their own in nature, killing wild animals, climbing steep rocks and reading very difficult books (sic). Their mom isn’t there, because she’s in the hospital, out there in the ‘real world’.

Then the moment comes when the family learns that their mom has died and will get a typical christian funeral and burial, which is contrary to her buddhist believes. So the whole family goes on a road trip to stop this from happening!

Yes. There are a lot of things in the story that don’t make sense. But it’s a fictional story, so you just need to soak it up and enjoy it like some weird fairytale without a morale. It’s a quirky, strange, bizarre, but lovely tale about a family trying to hold onto something that they know will disappear one day.

Some of the father’s principles are really praiseworthy. But some are just hypocrite. Luckily, the performance of Viggo Mortensen makes you like the character, even at his most unreasonable moments. The road trip makes you want to book a trip to the US yourself. There’s drama, but also humor. A perfect balance.

Too bad the movie takes a different direction just when it becomes really interesting. They finally make it to the real world, but that confrontation is not played out enough. Kind of disappointing if that’s what you’re expecting after having seen the trailer.

Still. Good movie.

Kapoor & Sons – *

Posted: September 24, 2016 in 2016, Family Feud, India, TV series, X

Daily soap melodrama Bollywood-style!

It sounded like something that was worth watching: an Indian dramedy about a dysfunctional family. Unfortunately, this is just a boring drama about a dysfunctional family in India. Yes, there are two scenes where the cast is dancing (after all it is made in Bollywood), but they are doing it on a dance floor during a party, so that doesn’t really count. And yes, some of the topics are groundbreaking for Indian cinema (someone is coming out of the closet!). But all in all, this is plain boring.

Crazy grandfather gets a heart attack. His two grandsons fly back from London/New York to see him ‘one last time’ and find that their parents are basically living a separate life and constantly fight. Everyone in the family has some kind of secret, which are all revealed by the end. Oh and there’s a girl of course, getting cosy with both brothers without knowing it.

This movie just tries too hard to please a western audience. And feels kind of lame in doing so. Maybe that’s the way to do it for an Indian audience. It’s a cultural thing. Don’t shock anybody! And a lot of Europeans and Americans will appreciate this gentle take on family issues. But for those who are used to seeing more realistic and confrontational scenes, this won’t be a thrilling experience.

One example: girl meets hot guy who is interested in renting her house. She gets drunk and gives him a kiss on the lips. Later she dates a guy who turns out to be his brother. She feels all guilty for having kissed his brother. Big deal. She kissed him on the lips. Not even with tongues. Girl all guilty. Brother all upset. It’s a simple kiss on the lips!

This is the most boring and ridiculous tv series I’ve ever finished watching. It took me more than a year to sit through this really bad soap opera. And it is a really bad soap opera. The only reason why people give it some credit is because the story is taking place in a modern setting: that of the music industry, more specific the black music industry.

But it’s really just a bad soap opera. The first two episodes still intrigue. There’s definitely some potential. A former artist turned music mogul is diagnosed with ALS and only has a few more months to live. He has three sons. The oldest is a business school graduate and ready to help his dad bring the company to the stock exchange. The middle one is a talented singer songwriter and the youngest has the star power to become a successful rapper. The all have their flaws though. The oldest is bipolar, the middle one is gay and the third one is spoiled brat.

Enter: Cookie Lyon, the wife of Luscious Lyon (the media mogul). She spent the past 17 years in prison taking the fall for the misdemeanors of her husband, helping him set up a record company. Her arrival changes everything. And her presence is the ONLY reason why you want to watch this tv series. All the rest is bullshit. The problem is that you’re never sure if the show wants to be a parody or the real deal.

No second season for me.


Belgica is the latest movie by Felix van Groeningen, who scored internationally with The Broken Circle Breakdown. It’s an overlong, but interesting take on the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll myth, focussing on two brothers who open an alternative nightclub. If it wasn’t for director’s fame, the thrilling soundtrack (produced and composed by Soulwax) and the impressive acting skills of little known actors like Tom Vermeir, this movie wouldn’t have gotten a release at all. There’s little substance, but it’s still a treat. Surprisingly enough.

I went to see the movie with a French friend in Paris amongst an audience who needed to rely on the subtitles to get the jokes and innuendos. None of them recognized the actors or musicians doing a cameo. None of them had ever visited the Charlatan, on which’s history the whole movie is based. I assume several cinema goers weren’t familiar with the work of Soulwax. It was a very quiet crowd. There wasn’t any laughter. There weren’t any sounds of recognition. The movie had NO impact at all.

However, nobody left the theatre room either. And neither did I.

It’s interesting to watch Blood Ties two days after experiencing Les Liens Du Sang, the movie of which it is a remake. The American version makes more sense, is more stylish and has a better soundtrack. The French original has better actors.

In fact, the main problem of this remake is the cast. It’s such a rich collection of great talent that it ultimately disappoints. Clive Owen acts cool, but that’s about it. Billy Cudrup seems to be debuting. Marillon Cottilard is unusually unimpressive. Matthias Schoenaerts hardly has any screen time. Neither has  Mila Kunis or James Caan. Only Zoey Zaldna steals the show. It’s weird, because the main actor of the original version is the director of the remake, so you’d expect him to be more of an actor’s director. However, he excels in creating a cool atmosphere and he did an awesome job re-writing the script and leaving out all the unnecessary scenes of the original one.

It’s a bit simplified, but it makes more sense. A cop is reluctant to share his apartment with his older brother who was just released from prison. There’s little trust between them and with reason. The gangster soon starts taking jobs that may get him arrested and jeopardize the position of his brother, the cop. A lot of other things are happening as well. Too many other things. Too many characters are introduced and aren’t fully developed.

The original movie was intended as a television series, but got shortened. This remake was re-written as a movie on its own, but would be a great pilot for a new HBO production.