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The six episodes of season one didn’t quite do it for me. Not sure what all the fuzz is about. It starts off like 28 Days Later, with a guy waking up from a coma in a post apocalypse world where zombies are roaming the streets and where survivors are trying to fight back and secure themselves from the zombies and other survivors. It also makes you think of the canceled BBC show Survivors and plenty of other shows that feature a very diverse group of people needing to live together by force.

The story isn’t really captivating. Nor realistic at all. The metropolitan area of Atlanta has about 6 million inhabitants. You get to see maybe 150 zombies and some 500 dead corpses. Plus a few dozen of survivors. The main character can ride on a horse into the city and not see ANY zombies or dead corpses, but then he gets to Midtown and suddenly he is surrounded by not all that many really. That just doesn’t make sense. Then he reunites with his wife and son after two episodes! Sure it adds to the drama because the wife has started an affair with his best friend in the mean time, who helped her escape. But seriously, after 2 episodes? Then of course you have the horror cliché of always wanting to go back to the horror scene. Also, what is this urge for people to keep living and fight back? Why would you choose to continue living under a constant treat of being killed and eaten by the undead?

You’d think the zombies would be scary, but they are not. They are silly. So the series doesn’t work as a horror show either. And the characters? Well, you have the racist one. The clumsy, chubby African-American one. The wife-beating redneck one. The nagging, cheating wife. The cheating on his best friend aggressive one. The geeky Asian one. Etc… Not really an interesting bunch.


The third installment of the recent Planet Of The Apes trilogy kind of disappoints. It’s a very dark movie. Very serious as well. And very slow. There isn’t that much action or adventure. Hey, the second half takes place in a sort of concentration camp. There are some excellent elements that still make it a great movie experience, but somehow the end result is just okay and not great. The new talking ape character brings laughter. Several times. And that’s good. Because the rest of the story is very depressing.

The GCI animation is breath taking. In combination with the acting by Andy Serkis the main character Caesar (the leader of the apes) looks so realistic. It’s quite a feat to create a talking chimpansee, whose emotional expressions look so real that at no time you are realizing how impossible the story is.

For those who don’t know the story: after a virus has almost wiped out human kind, the survivors are at war with a population of apes that are resistent to the virus and have evolved. The virus in the mean time, makes humans become more animalistic. It’s the third installment. If you haven’t seen the previous movies in the trilogy, don’t bother starting with this one.

Why did this movie flop and get bad reviews? It’s intriguing until the end. It stars two popular actors (Koen Degraeve and Matteo Simoni) who perform really well. It’s a universal concept that doesn’t have any reference to anything Flemish at all. (So, recommendable for anyone abroad). And it makes university town Leuven look like a place you want to visit soon.

It’s a science fiction take on the Groundhog Day principle. Two scientists find a way to send emails to people in the past. They do small  innocent, but successful tests and then decide to no longer use the technology  One scientist is married to a disabled woman though and cannot resist messing with history to make sure she doesn’t end up being as disabled as she is. And that’s when all goes wrong.

If you’re a fan of Batman or Superman or any DC comic, you may appreciate this action vehicle. If you’re not, you’ll get easily bored. In fact, after half an hour, you’ll be checking your instagram account, getting something out of the fridge, go to the washroom, make a phone call, chat a bit on whatsap, check the score of the movie on metaritic and leave twitter with the hashtag #whydowefeeltheneedtowatchbadmoviesuntiltheend .

The first half hour is okay though. Kinda looks promising with its stellar cast. It has Amy Adams as Lois Lane! But no-one stands out. There are absolutely no acting skills required for their parts. They could have just used debutants. The action is ok. The special effects as well done. Probably more efficient in a movie theatre than at home. But the story. There’s just too much going on. And none of it makes sense. What’s the deal with alien-phobic humans and Batman being afraid of the supernatural powers of Superman who only means well. And what’s the beef between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne? Go dig deeper, team of scriptwriters!

Arrival -*(*)

Posted: December 23, 2016 in 2016, Science Fiction, USA, X1/2

Not sure what all the fuzz is about. Amy Adams is a joy to watch, sure. And the movie keeps you puzzled for about 2 hours. It’s cool to see a science fiction picture in which the aliens aren’t aggressive invaders, but just, well around, with no particular evident purpose. And it’s also kind of cool to see a linguist in the main role, who’s hired to figure out a way to communicate with these aliens.

But that’s it.

The set up is quite intriguing. But the learning an alien language this fast just doesn’t make sense. We haven’t figured out a way to transcript how animals talk to each other and how we can learn them our language. So, how would we be able to learn how to communicate with aliens this fast? Even if they have a visual scripting of their language and are somehow superior. And yeah, it’s cool to see that these aliens haven’t just landed in the US, but also in 11 other areas in the world. But please, Hollywood, don’t push an idea about ‘working together across all borders’ if you make it look like the Americans take the lead and the other researches just don’t matter at all.  Moreover, what’s the use of showing these aliens above some Montana field a word like ‘human’ if in China they will show them ‘一個人’ and in Russia ‘будучи человеком’. How confusing would that be to these aliens? I pity the aliens who hover above Sudan and Sierra Leone, where no researchers go up and try to communicate with them. They are just hanging there.

Plus, all that pseudo philosophical bullshit about interpreting time at the end really ruins it.

So, go watch it, even though you’ll know it’s not going to be that good. But hey, that’s basically what this movie is all about: live your life even if you know what’s going to happen.


Attack The Block – *

Posted: April 10, 2016 in 2011, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, UK, X

It’s a horror parody and it’s British. How could this go wrong?

Because, there’s zero empathy for any character in the movie. And the jokes aren’t funny at all.

However, as a rental for 99 cent, it’s worth its money.

It’s the kind of movie you’d wish to see at a Fantastic Film Festival surrounded by geeks and horror freaks cheering for all the bad acting, crappy gore and silly special effects on screen!

The Martian – **

Posted: January 5, 2016 in 2015, Drama, Science Fiction, USA, XX

Decided to attend the last screening of The Martian at the local cinema. It’s a science fiction epos after all. Not really the kind of movie you want to watch at home or on a laptop.

The reason why it took so long is simple: it’s a science fiction epos about a guy who needs to survive on Mars for a LONG period of time. Alone. With no natural resources. And the producers want the audience to believe this is something that could actually happen in the (near) future. It’s not really an appealing synopsis.

In the beginning, it feels quite realistic that Nasa has a base on Mars. It kind of makes sense that a commander decides to abort the mission when an unknown storm hits their research area. And, though highly improbably, there’s a change that an astronaut might end up alone on the red planet. But after half an hour all logic goes away when this survivor keeps on surviving just for the sake of a great cinematic experience.

If you can turn off that mental switch and accept this unrealistic storyline, than you’re in for an entertaining drama with thrilling elements and some humor. If you can’t then all the scientific bullshit uttered to make it more authentic just annoys the hell out of the experience.

It’s difficult if you can’t find that switch. Luckily there’s Matt Damon, whose performance is worth the watch.