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Bridge Of Spies – **(*)

Posted: December 29, 2015 in 2015, Cold War, Drama, Spionage, USA, War, XX1/2

Steven Spielberg has settled for making decent movies. His last releases haven’t been bad, but they just haven’t been great either. TinTin, The War Horse, Lincoln: all nice, but did they leave a great impression? no. The same fate awaits Bridge of Spies. It’s a solid drama about the exchange of a Russian spy for two Americans during the cold war. The simplified story is biased (of course) and told from an American perspective (of course), but it’s entertaining enough to spend your money on.

Is is a bad movie? Of course not. It’s just not great.



So you’re in Berlin and the local guide mentions the infamous Berlin Airlift from back in 1948/1949. So what do you do? You buy a 5 euro television movie at the Saturn and watch it!

Three hours long!

1945. After an agreement in Potsdam, Germany gets split up in four zones. The same is done to the city of Berlin. A few years later the French, British and Americans decide to merge their zones and introduce a new currency. The Russians aren’t all too happy with that provocation and block all entrance roads to the western part of Berlin, occupied by – yup – the French, British and Americans.

So…. it’s decided to bring in goods by planes. and that for more than a year.

Now, you can’t just make a movie about planes coming in and out and sometimes crashing as well. No, you need to add DRAMA! And this is done by focusing on one particular woman: Luise Kielberg. She’s a single mom who gets a job at the American airport in Berlin. Her husband hasn’t returned from the war and she slowly falls for her boss, an American general in charge of the air lift. But halfway through the movie her husband returns and so she’s torn between staying loyal to the father of her child or starting life allover again.

Of course history gets explained a bit. There is even use of real footage from back then. But it doesn’t intrigue. It also doesn’t work seeing Truman and Stalin converse in German. All in all, it’s a romantic story set in a historical background made with a small budget (according to Hollywood standards). The lazy special effects and the forgetful eye for details are very Sharknado. So not really worth the respect. But it works. Kinda. And the acting isn’t bad. Especially Bettina Zimmerman is carrying the movie with little effort.

But here’s my suggestion: just read the wikipedia page on the Berlin Blockade instead