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Gave up after an hour and a half (with another hour to go).

What a drag!

Last screening at the local cinema. Missed the premiere several weeks ago. Didn’t hear anyone rave about this movie. Nor did it appear on any best of 2015 movie lists. However, it’s still Tarantino and worth a cinema ticket. That is, if you are not jet lagged and tired.

The Hateful Eight is disappointing. Everything you expect from a good Tarantino is absent: motherfucking funny dialogue, excessive violence, great acting, a cool soundtrack and some awesome cinematographic shots. Nothing!

Maybe, just maybe, if I’d seen it all fresh and awake upon its premiere I might have been more excited. Now it just felt like a compulsory watch. And it bored the hell out of me.

Tarantino’s worst. Well, still need to see Deathproof

The Revenant – ***(*)

Posted: January 31, 2016 in 2015, Action, Adventure, USA, Western, XXX1/2

Finally! A movie that fascinates from beginning to end! With great acting, a great photography and a great soundtrack. A movie so cool, you wish it lasted even longer. It’s a slow action adventure western that doesn’t bore one single moment. Better make that a northern, because it takes places somewhere up north in the Rockies.

Sometimes movies, directors and actors win awards because they deserve them. Let it win 12 Oscars! Or at least 8, including best actor (DiCaprio), best supporting actor (Tom Hardy – who is just as good if not better), best director (Iñárittu) and best cinematography (Lubezski). Come to think of it, no, George Miller can win best director. Or a tie!

Just go see it!

Lucky Luke – 1/2

Posted: April 1, 2014 in 1/2, 2009, Action, Comedy, France, Western

This is crap.

The comic book series isn’t funny. This movie isn’t either. It’s silly.

But the cinematography is amazing. And the editing at times as well.

Meek’s Cutoff – **

Posted: November 12, 2013 in USA, Western, XX

Meek’s Cutoff follows a group of pioneers on their way to the West in the mid 1840s. They hired a guy to guide them in the right direction, but the two-weeks journey already lasts more than five weeks and the area becomes more and more barren, cold and dry. The guide is their only way out of this desert, but nobody trusts him anymore. Then out of nowhere comes a native american which they are able to take prison. Maybe he knows the way to the fertile valley they have been hoping to reach for over a month now.

Nice set up. Nice cinematography. Nice set design. Nice directing too. But… silly story development with inexplicable twists.

A tad boring really. But it’s such a relief to see someone scenes where the camera stands still and the action just takes place in front of them. No video clip style editing, no chases, no aerial shots. It’s like you’re watching the scenes from behind the hills where none of the characters can spot you.

True Grit – **1/2

Posted: May 10, 2011 in 1969, Classic, Drama, USA, Western, XX1/2

Since all passengers tell me the new True Grit is nothing compared to the old one, I decided to watch it. Well, whatever the Coen brothers say as it not being a remake but a reinterpretation, it’s a remake! They almost stole scene by scene. Watching the old movie was a bit of a bore because of that, because I had just seen the new version and I still knew everything that happened. Hm.

That said, I liked the old version. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. Everyone’s acting fine, the humor is funny and it must have been pretty daring in the time it was released. Not sure if John Wayne deserved an Oscar for it. I preferred Jeff Bridges in the new one. But the girl in the old one is better than the new girl. 😉

Anyways. worth watching!

True Grit – ***

Posted: February 19, 2011 in USA, Western, XXX

I’m not a fan of the Coen brothers. I think they are incredibly overrated. That movie they won Oscars for was terrible. So when I started watching this flick, I kind of feared for the worse. The intentional overacting. The over the top weird side characters. The zooming in and out. They are, as usual, all there. The interrogation scene at the court in the beginning of the movie is so Coenesque. You either like it or you don’t. (I didn’t) But then the adventure starts and you want to know what’s going to happen. Until the very last minute. A movie that can captivate my attention until the end is a good movie. Period. It helps of course to see magnificent landscapes. The cinematography is awesome. And it also helps that Jeff Bridges does an excellent job as the Marshal and that Matt Damon is kind of funny as a Texas Ranger loser. But it’s still Matt Damon though. He can’t help being Matt Damon in movies.

The story in case you haven’t read anything about this movie before: a 14y old girl hires a Marshall to get the outlaw who killed her father. She not only pays him well, she also wants to escort him in the Indian Territories where the killer presumably fled to. They get the unwanted help of a Texas Ranger who’s also on the hunt for the killer. And in the mean time they encounter all the wild west clichés possible. I actually really liked this movie.