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Children of God – 1/2

Posted: April 19, 2011 in 1/2, 2010, Bahamas, Drama, LGBT themed

Johnny is a white art student on the Bahamas. He’s technically very skilled, but shows no emotion in his work. He’s a quiet guy and gets bullied by the tough kids on the block. He’s weird and a bore and gay.

Romeo is a black musician on the Bahamas. He’s quite talented, but can’t seem to commit to his friends and family’s expectations. He’s an outgoing dude and one of the most beloved persons in town. He’s cool and funny and gay.

They meet. And have this little affair.

Now, I’m all in for an unexpected interracial romance, but this story just didn’t make sense. you have this cool guy (a great performance by Stephen Tyrone Williams) that you immediately start to feel for. and then there’s just this boring character (played uninspiringly by Johnny Ferro). His character kills the movie!

Even more unbelievable was the anti gay reverend who visits gay night clubs at night and gave HIV to his wife, who on her turn runs away with her child into the arms of another reverend to later accuse the man for trying to hit on her.

Talking about confused and fucked up people….

So what’s the message of this movie really? being gay is sad in the Bahamas? and the anti gay people are hypocrites? we all know that. I’m so fed up with these negative gay drama’s. why can’t gay movies be fun or romantic?