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Big Game

Posted: May 17, 2015 in 2015, Action, Finland, Germany, UK

This is SO bad!

After an attack on Air Force 1, the president of the USA gets dropped into the forests of Lapland where he gets the help of a young Finnish teenager who’s on an initiation journey into the wild.

It was the only movie playing at 3.30 pm. It’s no excuse, but if Sharknado can be fun to watch, why shouldn’t this piece of artistic crap?

The movie is filled with scenes that have NO importance to the story at all. Already within the first 15 minutes there are at least 10 minutes that do not matter at all. Example: a security agent walks towards the cockpit, produces his security badge to open the door, he goes in, he asks the pilots when they will land, then leaves the cockpit, then says a line like ‘make sure you do not shake the plane otherwise the president will spill his coffee’. This takes about two minutes. And the whole movie is like that.

There are few cheesy one liners, especially form the kid, who tells the stranded president: ‘my forest, my rules’! There’s a crazy action scene where a refrigerator rolls down a hill, then falls down at least 300 feet into a wild river and guess who come out barely scathed? Yes, the teenager and the president.

The acting is terrible. The humor is not funny. And the directing is poor. Only the cinematographer can get some credit.

How the hell does this get a cinematic release?