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Classic: Roma – ****

Posted: January 7, 2019 in 2018, Drama, Mexico, USA, XXXX

It’s quite weird to first see a movie (legally) on a tv screen, before it’s shown in movie theatre. Yet, Roma, is produced by Netflix and only in theaters because it’s so extraordinarily good.

Do NOT watch this on tv. Watch this on a big screen. It makes the movie absolutely flawless. This is the perfect moving picture. Every frame is a great shot. And there is so much going on in every single scene. When you watch this in the movie theatre you see things you didn’t notice at home. When you watch this a second time around, you also remark things you didn’t notice at all the first time around. The care for details is meticulous.

Some of the best scenes are where you tend to focus on the main characters in the shot, but the real pleasure is going on in the background. There’s the movie theatre scene, where the focus is on the main character telling her boyfriend that she is pregnant. However, at the same time you can watch the scene from the movie that is shown (La Grande Vadrouille) and you can watch all the other couples or individuals smooching or smoking a cigarette in the theatre.

It’s like going to a Fine Arts museum and seeing different details every time you watch the same painting by a Flemish painter. This movie is a collection of tableaux vivants. 

Some people will call it a slow movie. Other may call it boring. Many may not want to see a story about class difference in the Mexico City of 1971. The fact that’s about two women being abandoned by their lover/husband makes it a chick flick. The fact that it’s in black&white makes it an ‘old’ movie. There are a LOT of reasons to not watch it.

But that’s all prejudice.

This is the best movie in years! Just watch the trailer and if you’re intrigued watch the whole thing. IN A MOVIE THEATRE.

The movie ended up winning two Golden Globes. Best Foreign Language movie and Best Director. These should be safe bets for the Academy Awards. And add Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Actress (if Yalitza Aparicio gets nominated of course), Best Score and some more to it…


Roma – ***

Posted: December 17, 2018 in 2018, Drama, Mexico, XXX

This award-winning netflix original needs to be seen in theaters ! So, if you live near a movie theatre that shows it, go see it on a big screen.

The anticipation for this award wining drama was too high though and so, contrary to the advice of other movie lovers, I watched it on netflix, at home.

It’s a great movie. It’s about a maid in a Mexican household who ends up getting pregnant by her first boyfriend, who dumps her when he learns about her condition. She’s afraid to lose her job, but the woman she’s working for is also being cheated on and hasn’t seen her husband in ages.

That synopsis may not really be exciting story material, but that doesn’t matter. There are so many things happening in this tale that you will not get bored at all. The script has a lot of surprises in store. Dramatic scenes are followed by funny moments. Realistic situations lead towards moments of absurdity. It’s a slow movie and it’s long, but it’s all very exciting.

However, the MAIN reason to watch this movie is the cinematic photography. It’s all shot in black and white and with a wide lens. Every single scene (or frame even) can be paused, printed out and hung in any museum of photography around the world. It’s amazing. It’s like you go into a museum and watch a black and white picture come to life.

As soon as this movie is shown in a local theatre I will go see it again.

Coco – ***

Posted: January 15, 2018 in 2017, Animation, Children/Family, Mexico, Musical, USA, XXX

A little Mexican kid dreams of being a mariachi musician, but his family is very much against a music career. This disgust for music and musicians dates back to a time when the father of his great-grandmother Coco left the family to pursue a music career and never came back.  The kid is a bit of a rebel and wants to perform at a local music festival, organized during the yearly Dia De Los Muertos holiday, when Mexicans remember their deceased loved ones. Something goes terribly wrong and little Miguel arrives in the land of the Dead …

This is just another marvelous Pixar movie. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be overwhelmed with the animation. But it’s still a kids movie. Just like with the equally excellent Inside Out, the story is not only aimed at adults and certain scenes and characters are added to also please the little kids. That’s fine. But it prevents the movies from being absolutely flawless.

The soundtrack is great. And the animation is brilliant.