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This looked like it would be a fun movie to watch. The trailer promises quirky humor and some action and adventure for both kids and adults. And there is some quirky humor and some action and some adventure. But this is for kids really. Not for adults.

The soundtrack is annoying as hell. The kid is annoying as hell. Sam Neill is annoying as hell. Almost all the side characters are annoying as hell. The CGI is annoying as hell.

So, yeah, disappointing. Not sure how this can win so many awards.



Kawa – *

Posted: July 16, 2016 in 2010, LGBT themed, New Zealand, Social Drama, X

A maori man (and future tribe leader) leaves his wife and children to figure out how to come to terms with being gay.

Yep, another movie about a gay man struggling with his homosexuality and the (non) acceptance of the people around him. This time set in New Zealand and directed by a woman! It’s boring, predictable and annoying from start to finish.

Sad to say, but this final episode in the Hobbit trilogy sucks. It’s not an episode on its own, it the continuation of the second part. The dwarfs made it to the mountain and now everyone wants to get the treasure that is in it. The dwarves themselves, the dragon that used to live in it, but also the humans from the lake town and the elves. Hey, the orks are on their way as well. So there’s a full on battle and it takes forever. It starts with big battle scenes and ends with one on one fights. Luckily some of the characters die! Finally! But by the time they are death you don’t feel anything If all they do is fight then death is natural. It’s also sad that you just know who will survive because they appear in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. By the time the end credits roll, you’re happy it’s over. What a drag.

This second chapter of the Hobbit trilogy is more of the same really. There’s less introduction, so that’s good. And there’s more action. The dwarfs, the hobbit and the wizard are still on their way to the magical mountain and need to cross through dangerous areas, inhabited by strange creatures like a shapeshifting bear, giant spiders, angry elves and ultimately a talking dragon. In the mean time they are chased by an army of angry and ugly looking orks.

It’s fun. But the scenes are so stretched out. It starts to get annoying. And even though this is a fantasy tale, some things just don’t make sense. Like where the hell do the dwarfs get the money from to pay the ferry man? Even if they brought along money, there’s no way that it survived the journey by the time they actually need it. The same goes for the special ring that Bilbo finds. Sure he loses it at one point, but he finds it again! And it’s not like he’s wearing it in a tight pocket or so. And that dragon, amazing as it may be, is stupid. Why does this big and dangerous dragon postpone killing the dwarves and the hobbit? He stops his attack to listen to them!!!!! Dumb reptile.

Anyways. Special effects are awesome. Action is good. You just wish they made one movie out of the story and not a trilogy.

Sixty years before the adventures of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, a younger Bilbo Baggins goes on an adventure himself. He’s asked to join a group of renegade dwarfs who need a hobbit to find the secret door to a magical mountain where they used to reign from and which has since been taken by a dragon.

Yes, it’s way too long. And yes it’s no longer original or refreshingly new. But apart from the fact that each scene seems to be stretched as long as possible (- there is repetition of dialogue, there are boring singing sequences and the camera zooms in and zooms out as if it’s a test to see if the zoom works – ), this all is quite entertaining.

Unfortunately, none of main characters die. They go on this dangerous and violent journey and never seem to die. This may be gentle to the younger crowd, but pretty unbelievable for the adults. Where’s the thrilling excitement in watching a battle of which you know most (if not all) will survive?