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Madeinusa – 1/2

Posted: March 7, 2012 in 1/2, 2006, Drama, Peru

Watched half of this weird movie about a guy who gets stuck in a remote Peruvian village while the inhabitants are celebrating the annual ‘holy time’ festival and then pushed the forward button until the end credits, stopping at what seemed to be ‘key moments’. It’s a surreal fable in an exotic location that is filled with unique, but not necessarily exciting scenes. Sure it’s all symbolic and I’m sure the people who liked this movie will find great explanations for them, but in the end, it’s just 90 minutes of weird images and dialogue.

Madeinusa is the strange name of a young girl who’s been elected the ‘virgin mary’ of the village for the festival. She lives with her father, who’s also the chief of the village, and her sister, who’s enraged with jealousy so it seems. Their mother has left to Lima and hasn’t returned since. During the ‘Holy Time’ festival there are no sins, so the selected ‘virgin mary’ gets her cherry popped by the mayor during this sinless time. Yes, that’s her father! Anyways, luckily the stranded stranger is there too, who the girls see as a ticket out of the village. Sounds strange already? Well wait until you see a guy flipping a board every second, because there are no watches in the town. Or when the men start cutting off ties without no reason. ¬†Or when the sisters start picking lice out of each others’ hair.

In the end, I didn’t get this movie. I think you need to be in a very open-minded mood to finish it without forwarding. It helps if you see this kind of movie in the cinema after you paid ten bucks or so. Then there’s so motivation to actually watch it and try to figure out why it was made. I think Peruvians probably feel the same when they watch Het Varken Van Madonna.