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Thanks to Marta Nieradkiewicz – who showcases her talent as actress in every single scene she’s in – and Jacob Kijowski – ¬†who’s responsible for some very nice shot scenes – this is worth the watch.

But, the story is crap and the male actors seem to have forgotten that showing emotions are key in making a character believable.

This is just another ‘trouble accepting homosexuality’ stories, this time set in Poland. A swimmer with a killer body meets a gay artist at an art exhibition that his girlfriend drags him too. First they just start hanging out blowing weed. But soon they are blowing something else. Well.. Not really. But soon they fall in love. So here you have a bi-curious macho man who’s cheating on his naive and still smitten girlfriend with another guy who doesn’t mind his new found love to still live with his girlfriend. That’s how life goes in Poland (and a lot of other parts of the world.) It’s been told before and the outcome is annoyingly¬†predictable.