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Bacalaureat – **

Posted: January 27, 2018 in 2016, Drama, Rumania, XX

Part of the Filmfan series at the local cultural center: a Rumanian movie about a hard-working father who’s willing to go corrupt in order to get his daughter the grades she needs to get into an English college.

The father is a surgeon. His wife a librarian. Back in the early nineties they decided to build a future in Rumania and help the country get back on tracks after being ruled by Nicolae Ceausescu. Times were hopeful. But two decades later, the country still hasn’t reached the same level as its fellow countries in the European Union. All they want for their daughter is a better life. Preferably in pre-Brexit England!

Several things go wrong though. The daughter is assaulted a day before an important exam and breaks her arm. She’s dating an uneducated nozem, who doesn’t want her to leave. The doctor has an affair with a younger woman, who might be pregnant from him.   And they live in Rumania, where – according to the storyteller’s view –  honesty is a virtue and corruption is a necessary need.

It’s an intriguing movie. The story doesn’t really lead to any specific catharsis.  You’re just observing and at the end you shrug your shoulders. The story could have been set anywhere though. Okay, maybe not in Luxemburg or Switzerland. But still. Even in those affluent countries, honesty is tested on a regular basis and making bad choices is inherent to all human beings.

It’s well-directed, it’s well acted, but in the end it’s just a good movie. Nothing exceptional.