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기생충 (Parasite) – ***

Posted: October 24, 2019 in 2019, Comedy, South Korea, XXX

Ha! It takes a bit to get into the different kind of humor, but once you do, it’s fun!

A (‘poor’) family of four manages to find their way into a wealthy family of four working as their english teacher, art therapist, driver and housekeeper. But how long can they keep up this charade?

This movie is wining all kinds of awards, which is quite unique for a comedy. It’s a socially critical comedy. Maybe. If you want to interpret it that way. But it’s really just a crazy, original, absurd comedy with a lot of unexpected twists in the script.

Go see it.

Then go have a garden birthday party …




Koreans know how to make a thrilling, action-packed horror picture! This zombie movie starts off slowly, with an obligatory introduction of the main characters’ troubled bond (an absent, divorced father and his daughter). But once the first undead start to pop up, you’re in for a ride! Literrally, because most of the movie takes place on a train. The gore is galore. The zombies are crazy. The action is non-stop. Amongst the survivors are some mean motherfuckers. It somehow all makes sense and the struggle to get from one carriage of survivors to the other, passing by several carriages full of infected creatures comes with a certain sense of reality. Hollywood is preparing a remake of course. But see the original one.

After reading Han Kang’s bizarre, but fascinating Vegetarian, it may be interesting to also watch the movie based on the book. You can watch it on YouTube (see below). The movie isn’t half as good as the book, which also isn’t half as good as what book review sites claim it to be. But still. It’s interesting to see how the director interpreted the story.

Should you not have read the book, don’t bother watching this. It’s the story of a woman who suddenly, after a dream, decides to no longer eat meat. Hence the title, which is slightly wrong because it should be Vegan (as the character also doesn’t eat/drink any derivatives of animals). From that moment on life changes for all the people around her. Her husband files for divorce, her sister takes care of her, the brother in law sees her as a model for his new art project.

The latter is the most fun and intriguing part of the book and it also takes up most of the scenes in the movie. However, whereas the book often describes hard core porn, the movie keeps it very vanilla. Maybe there’s an uncensored version of the movie, but the hard ons and nakedness in the book, didn’t translate onto the big screen. Understandably.

The protagonist isn’t just a vegetarian. She believes she is a tree trapped in a human body. If that sounds weird to you, this movie will make no sense at all.

Wondering how many people will come to this blog entry based on the tag word ‘vegetarian’. 😉

Looked for the trailer on line, but found the entire movie:

It looked like it could be something worth watching, but I left after an hour…

After a failed experiment to stop the global warming, earth is experiencing an extremely cold ice age. There are only a few people left and they all live in a long train that rides around the globe continuously. Moreover, there is a class distinction between the front of the train and the back and a revolution is on its way.

Okay, it’s science fiction and based on a comic book. But it just does not make sense at all. Star Wars is more believable than this crappy story. If you decide to go for the moralistic sci-fi movie, then don’t make it look like the story takes place in the time of Les Miserables. Maybe it gets explained in the end, but where does the train get its fuel to ride around the globe for 18 years in a row? And how can people survive on crushed cockroach energy bars? It’s not good storytelling if after an hour you have more questions than answers. It feels like watching Lost. 

Unfortunately nothing else helps to persevere. The dialogues are just too silly. The acting is terrible. (even Tilda Swinton fails to be either funny, scary or impressive). There’s no humor at all. The whole biased future class difference thing is tedious. And there is just no exciting action. Which is bad for an action movie.

Not even sure why I add a post about this.