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Tambien La Lluvia – **1/2

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Drama, Spain, XX1/2

Saw this movie by chance today. Had time to go to the cinema and this is the one they played. Had heard/read nothing about it and that’s what I like about movies. Sometimes, you can still discover cinema on your own!

The story is simple. A film crew who is filming a movie about Christopher Columbus’ negative story in Bolivia, gets entangled in the fight of the locals against a big commercial water company that is stealing their own water resources. It’s actually quite interesting to see the similarities between what happened 500 years ago and what is happening now. Oppression then was for gold. Oppression now is for water. Even the film crew is hypocrite. They want to make a movie about how Columbus exploited the natives, but they are actually exploiting the locals as well. Paying them very little for acting like extras for instance.

It’s very interesting until the end when members of the film production start to realize what they are doing. Actually the odd thing is that the opinions from the crew members change constantly throughout the movie. Are they supportive or not supportive of the locals fight against the water company? You never really know for sure. Until the end, when some characters takes a stand. But by then you’ve lost support yourself. Just like the movie within the movie, there is no clear end to the story. But 3/4 of the movie is great. The acting especially is very good. Even Gabriel Garcia Bernal isn’t annoying.

Yeah, I can recommend this movie. Well done.

Goya’s Ghost – *

Posted: January 24, 2011 in biopic, Drama, Spain, USA, X

Buried – **

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Spain, Thriller, XX

All good reviews for a clever movie with only one actor on only one location! I had to see it. Ryan Reynolds plays a guy who’s buried alive in a coffin somewhere in Irak. I’m claustrophobic. I had to see it. I once talked to a movie freak many years ago (1997) about how cool it would be to have a pitch dark screen in the cinema for several minutes. This movie has it. I had to see it!

I’ve seen it and I am not sure what to think. Yes, it’s a clever idea and yes the script writers did an awesome job by keeping you entertained for 90 minutes with just one guy on just one location. That alone is really note worthy and worth the ticket. However, I was never ever scared watching this movie. Nor was I thrilled and excited. I did think about what I would do in a similar situation, but I didn’t feel like I was trapped in a coffin. And some elements weren’t all that plausible. I’m doubting between ** and **1/2. Because it is, like it or not, an accomplishment to make a feature film about a clever but very simple idea .

1492: Conquest Of Paradise – 0

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Action, biopic, France, Spain

Seen on dvd at my sister’s place

The trailer is as boring as the movie. Never bothered seeing this movie as I’ve never read any positive review about this ‘epic tale’. I got the dvd for free a year ago, but it wasn’t until my sister decided to watch it on her new HD screen that I decided to give it a shot too. Luckily I had my laptop with me during the movie so I could look up some stuff about Columbus online. That kind of made the experience worthwhile. The movie itself is total crap. I mean, total crap. The acting is wooden. The dialogue is silly. The music is horrible. The over-use of close-ups and slow motions are annoying. The lack of interesting action ruins this action/adventure movie. There is no drama to make it a drama.

Just like Columbus failed on his first journeys (according to the Spanish rulers who expected him to find a shorter way to Asia or to at least bring back a lot of gold), Ridley Scott totally fails in making a dramatic action adventure biopic.