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Another Swiss movie ! This time on Netflix! And it’s not too bad. Just aimed at a younger audience. The young adult ones.

It’s a coming of age story of an orthodox jewish student, who falls for a classmate. She seems to show a liking to him as well. But, of course, she’s not Jewish.

The nemesis in the story is the student’s mom, who’s extremely conservative and already arranged several meetings with potential Jewish girls to marry.

It’s a romcom. It has some funny moments. And it feels like a Jiddish / Jewish culture for beginners video.

Give it a shot if you want to see a Swiss comedy.


Juliette Binoche and Kirsten Stewart are a joy to watch in this drama about an actress and her assistance who travel to Sils Maria in order to prepare for a new theatre role that the actress (Binoche) has reluctantly accepted.

There’s not much going on really, but it doesn’t bore. Binoche is almost in every scene. She’s great as a tormented star who has a hard time accepting the fact that she’s getting old. She’s great, because even though she has her issues, she still acts pretty normal in most circumstances. Kirsten Stewart has a huge supporting part and then suddenly disappears. But with reason. No spoilers !

Of course, if all depends on how tolerant you are towards Binoche and Stewart. Especially the latter has quite a few haters roaming the movie loving world. But she’s great at being very natural here. Maybe she isn’t acting.

Die Schweizermacher – *

Posted: July 26, 2011 in 1979, Comedy, Switserland, X

Started a tour in Basel and got this dvd from a colleague. I think this is the first swiss movie I watched. And it wasn’t all that good. The premise is good though. Two guys who work for the department of immigration have to check on three people if they are fit enough to become Swiss citizens. They are of course, but one of the two swissmakers (as they are called in the title) really wants to do everything possible to find something that proves they are not really willing to become Swiss.

As I said, the premise is great. Not sure why they haven’t made a remake yet in other countries, like Flanders… Maybe I should start writing…

But, it’s an old fashioned movie and the jokes are a bit lame really. The acting is just stupid as well. The ‘good’ swiss maker just smiles and that’s it. the immigrants are just re-enforcing clichés.

Die Herbstzeitlosen – **

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Comedy, Switserland, XX

Seen on dvd

The other of the two Swiss dvd’s I lent from a Swiss colleague. And a better one. Actually, not sure why this has not been remade yet in Hollywood. The idea is simple, but it can work.

An old recently widowed woman, living in a remote village of the Swiss alps, decides to pursue her childhood dream: opening up a lingerie shop with hand-made lingerie. The woman is in her eighties and the village she lives in is very conservative.

THere you go. That is how simple a movie can be. Think of the British comedy dramas like The Full Monty and you get the idea. A laugh, a cry and some moments where you think it is made by amateurs. But a feel good weekend movie. In a dialect only Swiss people can understand. Thanks for subtitles!